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"Caw!Caw!Tokito Y/N!!!Head to (Mountain Name)!!!"

"Too loud.Whatever I will forgot anyways"The girl with thirteen years old said to her crow as she go where her next mission.

"I miss Mui-Nii"You thought as you look at the mountain.

You calmly walk to the mist covered mountain.The mist that make you calm and remember of your brother.

The mist soon disappeared and show the tall building.You look at your surrounding.

"Where is this place?"You ask to yourself.

The place was different than the place you stayed.It was more modren.It was night time.You didn't noticed that people are looking at your katana.

"Oi Kid.Drop that sword!!!"You look where the voice was.It was two police.They are the same like always.

You sighed and sprint."Using your Quirk is illegal!!!"That make you confused.

"Quirk?What is Quirk?"You thought as you stop when the bandages tie you.
There a man with black hair and red eyes hold the bandages or scarf that tie you.

"You are going to police with me"The man told the girl who look at the one of the building.

"What is that shiny thing call again?"That makes the man look at Y/N with 'You serious' face.

Time Skip

In the waiting room,you look at the white ceiling."What is that colour of the ceiling?"Others police look at you with 'WTF' face.

The door open and showing the two man.One is the one who captured you and other is the one who you didn't remembered.

You look at them unbothered expression."I'll only ask a few questions"You hum in answer.

"What is your name?"

"Tokito Y/N" Truth


"13" Truth

"Why are you carrying a real katana?"

"Because it is my job"Truth

"What job?"

You look at the two man."Do you know about demons?"Aizawa and Tsukauchi thought for a bit.

"If I remember correctly,the demons exit on Taisho Period"Aizawa answer while look at you."Isn't it Taisho period?"This time that make you nervous a bit.

"No.This is 20XX"Tsukauchi answered."This kid....Why bring a random subject out of nowhere.Useless..."

Aizawa's eyes wide."Wait.don't tell me

"Yes.I am from Taisho Period.The time when Demons and Demon Slayers exit"Both of them had their jaw dropped,eyes wide in confusion.

"Tsukauchi"Aizawa look at the Detective.".....She is telling truth"Tsukauchi told Aizawa.

"I don't lie"You said to Aizawa and Tsukauchi.You sigh."What is quirk?"Aizawa explain you about Quirks while you explain them about demons.

"I see"You muttered."How are you guys slay demons without quirks?"Tsukauchi ask you in confusion.

"Can I get my katana?"You ask them.Aizawa hestient a bit but hand your sword.

"In my word.There's a way.The Breathing Style.For example like this"You unsheathe your sword.
You do simply breathing and the mist surround the whole waiting room.

"Even you guys can do it....if you train physically and emotionally.Training like hell"You told Aizawa and Tsukauchi.Aizawa use his quirk on you but the mist didn't disappeared.

The Mist slowly disappear when you stop."Do you believe me right now?"Tsukauchi nod and Aizawa who still look you.

Everything is solved but one thing that make you question."Where am I going to stay?"


"This is your room"Aizawa show you where your room was."Thank you"You thanks Aizawa.

Aizawa hum."If you want something.My room is next to you"You nod.

There a room that unfamiliar to you.More like modern.You lay on the bed."What happen to Mui-Nii?"You thought as you were greet by darkness.

Aizawa lazily patrolling and capturing villains.He thought one thing.

"Tokito Y/N.I heard that name before"

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