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The sun starting to set as you wait for others in 1-A.Slowly everyone walk tired with dirt cover them while others over used their quirks.

"You said it will only takes three hours!"


Pixie Bob giggle and cover her mouth with her hands.

"Silly.That's when it is in your guy's place.The girl even arrived the camp after thirty minutes when you guys start the training"Others look at you who zoning out while look at the sky.

"What is that orange circle called again?"

"It's the sun"Kota deadpanned as Midoriya pointed at him."Who is that kid?"That makes others look at Kota.

"Ah.He's my sister's son"Mandalay explain as Midoriya walk in front of Kota and stick out his right hand.

"Hi.My name is Midoriya Izuku from h-"Kota punch where his treasure was .

"I don't have thought about being friends to heroes expect Y/N-Nee"Kota said to Midoriya and Iida who tried to scold him but failed doing it.

You only just zone out while your mind was on your brother.

"What is Mui-Nii and others doing right now?"


At Hashiras side

"Hey do it more straight!!It will hurt but it for your growth in training!!At this rate you guys will die in front of upper moons in seconds!!!"The Fomar sound piller shout as he hold his wooden sword with his right hand while his left hand which he lost agaist the fight with Daki and Gyutaro was cover with black clothes.

Heroes look at the Mizunotos as they pry for their life.Like hell it's even hard than their training.

The Mizunotos growled in pain but they all listen what Uzui told them.They wanted to be useful in the war too.

All they all can do was train to dead and become stronger.They don't want others to lose their family like them too.That's why they have to end the war but they need to become more stronger.

Stronger to fight with Upper Moons.They know they can't be strong in a single night but they can at least buy some time for Hashiras and others.Even the childs like you and Muichiro train even harder than them.

They can't complain when they all are older than Mist Piller and Twilight Piller.

Their dream.A dream that every one can live happily without demons existing in this world.Sweats was cover their bodies yet they didn't say nothing.

Uzui smirk.He understand very well what Mizunotos are thinking.He agree what they are thinking.He will join the war if he still had his left arm.

That's impossible for him since his fighting style is with two long swords.Rengoku had more worst than him.

From the future.Rengoku can't hold the sword or used his breath styles anymore since the fight with Akaza.

He body took a lot of damage yet it somehow a miracle that he was still alive.All he and Uzui can do was now train the Mizunotos.

"Um!More lower your bodies!!!"Rengoku said to Mizunotos.As the whole area with Mizunotos who was training with Hashiras can hear their shouting in pain.

Nezu calmly slip his tea while watching the two Fomar sound and flame piller training Mizunotos."It is a peaceful day isn't it?"

All Might sweat dropped what Nezu cheerfully said to him and others.A knock was heard at the other side of the door.

"Excuse me.There's something I want to tell to All Might if that's okay"All Might nod and look at the Hashira.

"Of course,Young Kocho"


You look others in 1-A eat their food fast as you poke your food.You have something to do when others are sleeping.

Killing demons surround in this area just in case.

Aizawa knows what you are thinking right now.You probably thinking you are going to kill the demons around this area just to protect them.

The Westeria trees are around the camp but you just want to wonder around just in case.

You excuse yourself as you walk to the forest.You climb the mountain quickly.

"GET OUT LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!"You can hear Kota shouting to the broccoli boy who pass you.He look at you with surprise.

"Leave it to me"Midoriya slowly nod.He should just leave this case to you since Kota is fond of you.

"Thank you"

You sit beside Kota as the boy sniff."Kota-San.Don't be said"You hug the boy.

Your hug was warm and comfortable yet somehow sad to Kota.You pat the boy head to get relax.

Indeed the boy stop crying a few minutes later."Kota San.Why did you passed the area when Westeria don't bloom in here"The boy look at the other side what you told him.

"I love this place"You hum in though for a moment.

"I know the emotion you are feeling right now"That's makes the boy look at you.

"I lost my family just like yours.My father was dead when he try to collect herbs at the storm because of my mother sickness got worse"The boy listen what you explain some of your past to him.

"They both died.It's okay for me since I have two older brothers but...."You unsheathe your sword.The boy stand up and step back in fear what he just the monster in front of him.

"Breath Of Mist,Second Form:Eight Layered Mist"

"...monsters like them take one of my brothers life in front of me"You end the sentence as you finished killing the demon which turn into ashes.

"I don't blame you to wonder since you are a child but..."C/N land on your right shoulder.

"Caw!Stick out your hand!"The boy did what the crow order him.The small dried Westeria bag was on the boy hand when C/N spilt out.

"It's dried Westeria.So you can wonder at nights.Demons hate that flower"Kota watch his hands.

"Sleep early.Since me and you need strength for tomorrow"

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