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Muichiro hug you like a korela making you hard to move."Mui-Nii.I can't walk if you are hugging me like that"Muichiro whin a bit.

He's been clingy ever since he met you.He even deadly glare at Hawks or Tokoyami if they pat your head.

Hell,he even sheathed his sword when Hawks hug you while other Hashiras tried to hold him.

"I am going with you..."You sighed while Hawks look at you two silblings.

"He can come with us"Muichiro didn't say nothing on outside but he was cheering inside when Hawks said the final decision.

In the train,Muichiro sit beside you as Hawks was in front of you."We are going to arrive at Hosu at night"You and Muichiro hum what Hawks said.

"Did you find new friends?"You broke the atmosphere between you and Muichiro without you two noticing.

"Yeah.Their name is Tanjiro,Zenitsu,Nezuko and Inosuke"You quietly listen with small smile.

Your brother was explaining you like a child who found his favorite moment.

Without knowing the hero listen what Muichiro was telling you.

In the heros mind,he start to ask himself why life hated the two silblings.They both are happy yet they are going to die and others are still watching,doing nothing.

In front of him,the two child,one who is fourteen and other is thirteen.What a mess up problem is that?

In the history,the mist piller is cold to others expect his sister which is true but his sister lost some pieces of her memory who lost some of her emotions.

He promised himself that he will protect the two silblings.This time.....as a hero.


Time went quickly as you slept on your brother shoulder without you knowing.

You wake up when Muichiro shake you gently."N/N wake up.We are arrive at Hosu in ten minutes"You yawns and lazily rub your eyes making Muichiro chuckles a bit at your cuteness.

That was stop when the train stop and the bird from U.S.J crash the train with one hero.

The old pro hero and Hawks kick Nomu quickly."Grand Torino!!!"That familiar voice shot the unknown name you just guess the old man's pro hero name.

"Midoriya-San?"The boy look at you while Muichiro was behind you."N/N"Muichiro call your name seriously.

The middle of Hosu city was a mess.There might be a chance that demons are wondering.

You,Muichiro and Midoriya jump from the train.Green lighting was surround Midoriya.

"Y/N-Chan.Who is he?"Midoriya ask you still running to where the fire was.

"My brother.Muichiro Tokito"You answered getting gasp from Midoriya.The famous Mist Piller was running beside with him.

"N/N.I am going to slay the demons....what about you?"

"I am going to help the pros in the city"You and Muichiro went others way.

You run with Midoriya who was in front of you.You heard your name as you look at the sky and saw Hawks.

"I am going to help others.What about you?"."I am going to help you".

You run to the city while Hawks was flying.Fire..a lot of fire was surrounded the middle of the city while others heroes tried their best to hold the two Nomus.

You charge to the Nomu on the ground in blink of eyes making others surprise a bit.

"Breath Of Mist,Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash"You muttered,cutting the Nomu.You tsk when the Nomu was regenerateing.Making you angry and you use one of your strongest breath without holding.

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