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A week passed in blink of eye.You don't worry about Mina and Kaminari since you know that they will passed the written exam.The practical is other problem.

Others look at all the stuff of Yuuei in front of them.Muichiro and your thoughts are right.

"The test exam will begin shortly.Obviously you can fail this test too,if you don't want to go to training camp"Aizawa spoke up.

"Why so many of them?"Jiro ask and count the teachers expect the number two hero.

Todoroki eyes narrowed when he saw his father was there.You and Muichiro look at the sky.

"What is that bird called again?Hmm....."You two said in sync.Others ignored you and Muichiro question.

"I've no doubt you all learned what information you could of test before-hand,so I think you all hold a vague notion of what you are to do....."Kaminari and Mina intercept.

"It's like the same as entrance exam.Destorying the roborts,right!?"Kaminari said as he make a pose of abnormal Titan in attack on titan.

"Fireworks!Curry!Test Courage!!"Mina said exicitly at the back round.

"Sadly no!"Aizawa's scarf start to move and showing Nezu."Due to the reasons,we're changing the contents of the test,starting today!"


"What do you mean...."

Thirteen help Nezu to climb down to the ground."Well.From now on ,focus our tests more on person on person battle activities and emphasizing a teaching environment closer to that of a real battle.Which boy and girls,other words....we will have you form pairs to engage in combat with the pros here!!!"Others was shocked expect you and Muichiro.

"With our teachers?"Uraraka ask worriedly.

"Now,who all of you are paired with and which teacher you'll be fighting have already been decided.The way you tend to move,your grades,and your degree of familiarity....we personally judged how you'll be pairing up based on all sorts of things,and we'll list the match now"

You and Muichiro quietly listen.There might be a chance that you to might be partner.

"First of, Todoroki with Yaoyorozu as a team against me"Aizawa show them his famous grin.

"Midoriya,you're with Bakugo as a team"Midoriya and Bakugo look at each other in shock.

"As for your opponent will be...."

"I'll be their opponent!!!"All Might show up.That is quiet interesting to you.Who will win Peace of Symbol or the next generation heroes?

"The principal vs Mina and Kaminari"

"Thirteen vs Uraraka and Aoyama"

"Present Mic vs Jiro and Koda"

"Ectoplasm vs Asui and Tokoyami"

"Midnight vs Sero and Mineta"

"Snipe vs Hagakure and Shoji"

"Cementoss vs Sato and Kirishima"

"Power Loader vs Iida and Ojiro"

"Finally, Endeavor vs Y/N and Muichiro"

Todoroki Shoto look at the two silblings who zone out.He hope that you two beat the crap out of his father.


You and Muichiro sit together as Endeavor was ten meters apart from you two.

You three were silent."What is the shape of that thing again?"You and Muichiro zone out as usual.

Endeavor look at you two in disbelief.Those two kids in front of him are the most talented swordsmen in Taisho Period?What a joke to him.

You and Muichiro look at the fake city.Endeavor gumble and walk to where the gate was."You two have ten minutes"Then he left.

"What is that bird called again?Hmm
...."The other side.Others who already done their exam sweat drop at the two silblings.

They look relax....too relax.It was going to be a heated battle.Even to the teachers.

"Who are you gambling which side is going to win?"Present Mic said other teachers as he show two box that write 'Tokito silblings' and 'Endeavor'.

"I bet on Endeavor!"Present Mic,Power Loader and Thirteen put '5000' yen to Endeavor while All Might put '15000' yen.

Others expect Nezu and Aizawa bet on Tokito silblings."How about you two?"Nezu and Aizawa open their wallet.

"I bet 20000 yen to Tokito silblings"Nezu and Aizawa said in sync.

"Too expensive!!!"Others said in sync as the three who bet on 'Endeavor' hope that they would win the bet.

Back to you and Muichiro

The loud beep was heard telling you two that the battle have began.You and Muichiro lazily walk to the fake city.

You saw the certain buff man as Muichiro use his breathing style.

"Breath Of Mist, Seventh Form:Obscuring Clouds"

The whole city was cover in mist.Endeavor look for you and Muichiro but he was failing.

"Breath Of Moon,Eighth Form:Moon-Dragon Ringtail"

Endeavor dodge the attack barely.He was in disadvantage since he couldn't see you two.

The single slash was heard.Before Endeavor realize he was on the ground with capture tape.

"Hero team wins!!!!"

Back to the teacher

"Yes!!!!"Midnight cheered as four who bet on Endeavor sulk.Aizawa smirk.

"Too bad"

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