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"Model Harry Styles last seen in New York together with singer Taylor Swift. The couple was walking around in New York cit..." I turn the TV off and look around my hotel room, why can't they just let me and Taylor be, we aren't together and never will be!

Sure I am a model and she is a singer but that doesn't mean we hook up with everyone we are seen with. Like come on Taylor is a nice girl and all but I am really not in to all that, I am gay but I honestly don't feel like telling everyone in the world that I am gay.

I don't hide it no, but I just don't make a big deal of it because it shouldn't be! If someone ask me if I have a girlfriend than I say no, and if someone ask me if I am gay then I answer yes.. But no one really gives a fuck and ask that because they just think I am fucking straight because that is "Normal" it's normal to be gay too you know!

"Harry we are leaving in five!" I hear Jonny scream at me, he always get mad at me for being up late at night and sleeping until around twelve but honestly he can go fuck himself because I am not going to change. I am a 19 year old guy he can't really believe that I will go to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 7am just because he wants me to do it. I am not like that.

"I know I am not a kid!" I scream back pull on a pair of black skinny jeans, they took away so many years of my life. I thought that being a model was great when I was 15 but now 4 years later I just want to be a normal guy, but I can't because I am the "hottest" man alive according to all magazines. Everyone knows who I am!

I put on a white shirt and pull a beanie over my curls because I really don't have time to get them ready today, and why would I? They are going to ruin whatever I did with my hair anyway and do something really ugly that apparently makes every single female alive go wet, I don't care.

"Hurry up Styles!" I hear Rodney one of the other people who works for me. I promise the only reason I haven't killed myself yet is Zayn and Liam. They are also models and I hang out with them a lot because they aren't brats like most of the people in the fashion industry.

They are adorable together and everyone loves them. They have been voted to the hottest couple alive 4 years in a row, which isn't bad.

Right now they are away on their honeymoon so I am alone here in my personal hell. If I could then I would go back to when they asked me if I wanted to start working as model.

I follow Jonny out to the car that's waiting for us to take me to Wendy's who is doing an underwear brand, they want me to be model for some underwear in a magazine, awesome.

"It will take around half an hour until we are there." Martin my driver says and I thank him because he is only doing his job and I am not going to be rude to him because he probably doesn't even want to be a driver.

I take out my phone and look through twitter and a lot of people are telling me about how they want me to post a selfie, I don't often post selfies and everyone is making fun of me for that. I don't understand why everyone wants a picture of my face.

"Harry and Taylor's love story is ...." I put in my headphones in so I don't hear the radio woman talk about how I am together with one of my best friends. That is like saying that I am together with Gemma because Taylor is more like a sister to me than she is a friend.


"Hello Internet, I am Looouis!!" I say to the camera and gives them a big smile. I am in a big sweater and a pair of sweatpants, on my head I have a beanie because I didn't have time to shower because I need to do todays video and I am flying to Ireland later tonight because I am going to do a video with my great friend Niall, but more known as WhateverNiall, he is also a YouTuber and I met him last year on playlist live in LA!

"I'm sorry that I look like someone pooped on me but you have to deal with it because I didn't have time to shower. I am going to my great friend WhateverNiall later tonight and that means that I have a lot to do!" I say and my arms are like going everywhere while I talking, I like to show everything with my arms so they know exactly how much I have to do.

"And just because I don't have much time I am going to do a QandLou!!!! I asked you guys earlier on twitter to send me some questions with the hashtag QandLou and damn you send me questions. So I guess we just go right in to this!" I say and take up my phone to look at the questions on the hashtag.

"This first one is from @LouisGotAss who wants to know if I am going to playlist this year! Yes I am going to playlist this year and I hopefully will see you guys there!" I say with a big smile on my face. My fans are the best people in the world and they understand me perfectly.

I answer a few more questions and soon I am on the last question.

"@LarryIsReal asks if there is any chance that I will make babies with Harry Styles. Well Harry Styles is Harry Styles... I don't think the chance is that big because he is a dude and I am a dude but you can always hope.... I know I am hoping all the time that I will make babies with Harry Styles..." I say and blush a little, come on everyone loves Harry Styles.

"If Harry watch this video I just want you to know that I don't want to bang you.... And that was probably the biggest lie I have ever told. On that note I think this video is done, see you on Friday when I will upload a video together with Niall! Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it!!! Bye my small bubbles!!!" I say and end the video. I have to edit it later when I get to Niall because right now I really need to get my fat ass to the airport.


This is my new fanfiction! I am still going to update B.A.D so don't worry!!! I hope you enjoy and give it a vote if you liked it!

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