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I sit beside Harry on my bed and he gives me one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen in my whole life.

“Okay let’s do this!” He says when I start my camera and I can’t help but feel a little bit nervous. I know that it’s normal to do videos with people, but this is Harry and I really don’t want to fuck this up because I don’t want him to be mad at me because I like him… Like a lot…

“Hello Internet its Louis and I am joined today with the absolutely beautiful Harry Styles!” I say and Harry gives a little wave to the camera. I smile because he is so awkward and I can’t help but feeling like I get to know more about him by just doing this.

“Okay so today we aren’t going to do anything serious because I am a loser and would probably turn it to something unserious anyway… So today we are just going to do a Q and A… but we are going to do it differently so I have to guess what Harry should answer and he has to guess what I should answer. If we get it wrong the other person can draw on our face.” I say and Harry laughs a little at my excitement but he doesn’t comment on it.

“All the questions are from tweets you guys tweeted with the hashtag LouisSurpriseQandA and you guys thought that it was a surprise I did a Q and A when in reality it was Harry who were the surprise… Okay I will just start…” I say while Harry tries not to laugh at me… well excuse me Mr. Model don’t you laugh at me or I will smack you…. With my dick…. Wait what?

“The first question is from Bubblegum12 and it says if you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you want to be?” I look at Harry and he smiles to me with a smile that makes my knees go weak.

“Do you want to start and guess what my answer is?” I ask him and he nods and smiles a little.

“I would guess Louis would want to go to some warm place because he is complaining about the rain all the time.” I look at him and laughs a little… that is a pretty good guess.

“Okay I guess Harry would want to go to somewhere where he can be alone because he just wants to get away from all the attention for a while.” I say and smiles.

“You’re wrong.” I look at him and my smile drops. But he told me yesterday he just wanted to be somewhere where he could be alone for a while.

“So are you.” I can see how surprised he is… I guess we both have to draw on each other’s face.

“What was your answer?” He asks me with a cheesy smile and I can feel myself blush. I really hopes he doesn’t find me creepy.

“Right here because you’re here with me.” I say and blush and I almost die when he leans over to me and kisses my cheek. It’s like he doesn’t even care that my camera is recording. We aren’t official out yet. But I am pretty sure that a lot of people have already figured it out because they have seen a lot of pictures of us together.

We aren’t hiding. We were never supposed to hiding who we are so why would we?

“Why didn’t you say that as my answer because that’s my answer too” He says and I blush even more. We just kind of look at each other for a while before he takes up a black pen and draws something on my cheek. I look at the camera and see in the little screen that he draw a cute little heart on my cheek.

I smile and takes the pen from his hand. I write my own name on his cheek with a heart at the end… because you know I kind of just marked him… if you get what I mean… He is mine so back off bitch.

“Okay the next question is from TroylerLarry who wants to know who tops and who bottoms.” I say and I don’t think I have ever seen Harry blush that much before.

“You top….”Harry mumble and I realize that we never have talked about this because it’s not really something you talk about… but his answer sounds so damn right that I know that he isn’t saying something that’s a lie. I am not a bottom and I kind of just hoped that Harry was so we didn’t have to figure the struggles out.

“And you bottom…” I say and kiss his cheek and look at other questions.

We answer a few more questions and I may have gotten a few more hearts on my face and Harry may have gotten a few hearts him too. I think we both doesn’t really want to draw something mean on each other’s faces. I know for sure that if this was with Niall he would have his face full of penises. But now this is Harry and he is so perfect.

I say a fast goodbye and tell the people to give it a thumbs up if they want to see more videos together with Harry.



I smile at Louis when he shut the camera off and I can’t help but looking at his ass. Sure I am a bottom but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look at Louis ass because if it did then sue me. I will fucking look at his fucking ass if I fucking feel like it.

I lay down on his bed and waits for him to cuddle up beside me, it doesn’t take long until I feel the weight of him on top of me. I should stop actually thinking he will lay beside me because he always ends up just laying on top of me. I don’t mind though because I really like being close to Louis.

I like his warm little body pressed against mine, it feels like I could do anything when Louis is with me and that is something I don’t feel often. I feel like I can be myself around Louis. I don’t have to be the supermodel Harry with Louis, I just need to be Harry, the normal person. I like that… I like it a lot.


I'm sorry that I haven't updated in forever but there is a lot with school right now and I really try my best to update, but there s a lot of tests right now and shit.

But that is okay because hopefully I will update more when I got time....

So if you follow me on twitter you will know that Alex Gaskarth Retweeted me 10 days ago and that was a happy day for me, and you would also know that I will see Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens in 5 days... and you would also know that my birthday is in 11 days.... Okay so that is a update on my life... Oh and I love Madness a lot, my favourite song of it right now is November. 


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