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Waking up beside someone you love is something so amazing that nothing really can compare to it. I can’t tell Harry that I love him just yet but I will someday. I am scared that I will scare him away if I say it too early, but I know that he makes me feel like no one else in the whole world matters, I only care for him and only him.

I try not to wake him up when I walk out of the room and get my camera.

“Hi guys I thought that a vlog would do great for you today! I just woke up and I need to be quiet because I don’t want to wake up sleeping beauty.” I say and walk to the bedroom and shows them sleeping Harry, I try not to giggle at how adorable he is when his arm is looking for my small body.

I leave the bedroom to get out in the kitchen to make myself some tea.

“Okay so Harry really hates it when I wake him up because he isn’t really a morning person, and honestly I am still having a hard time believing that those people that are morning people actually exist. “ I say and waits for the water to get hot. I know that Harry will wake up at any second because he usually does wake up just a little bit after I left bed… and then he will complain about how he hates waking up without me beside him.

I like to think that he actually means it and that he isn’t just saying it to be adorably cute.

Just as I thought he walked in to the kitchen in just his boxers looking like the model he is. I film him and he just blush when he sees me with the camera.

“Hello love, I missed you in bed this morning” He says and don’t even seem to care about the camera in my hands, he just take me in to his arms and holds me close. I put the camera down and just old him close because damn I love being close with Harry.

I can feel his warm body against mine and I love it, I love the feeling of being in his arms. I feel so safe being with Harry.

“I’m making a vlog.” I tell him and I hear him mumble something but I don’t catch what he actually tried to say. He sounded adorable that’s for sure. I giggle when he leaves kisses on my neck and I can’t help but blush because I know that my camera on the table is recording this whole thing.

Harry surprise me by grabbing my ass and pulling me closer to him, I am not sure what he is doing but damn this is fucking turning me on and I will not be able to put this on YouTube because that will be the world war three… if Harry takes this any longer than I will have to put it on a freaking porn site instead, and I am pretty sure no one would like to see that… Wait who am I kidding all my viewers are dirty minded people who would love to see me and Harry have sex on the kitchen floor, I am pretty sure they write fanfictions about that.

Harry starts kissing up my neck to my mouth and I feel so damn great and I won’t stop him because he is really close this morning and damn I fucking love it, I love the closeness.

“You’re so damn beautiful Louis.” He says before kissing me and I think my knees would have given up on me if it wasn’t for Harry keeping me up with his strong arms.

I don’t know how long we make out in the kitchen but I know that I love it damn much and that Harry need to learn that this is something he should do every morning.

When we finally part Harry keep his arms around me and I blush a little when I see the mark on his neck that I may have put there, but let’s face it my neck isn’t better.

“Maybe I should do a vlog more often to get hot make out scenes in the kitchen.” I say and he giggles and damn, he looks so freaking adorable and I just want to go back to bed and cuddle with him.

That is the thing with Harry, he will make you want to fuck him so hard so he can’t walk for one second and the other he will make you want to cuddle him and just be with him. Damn I am so fucking in love with this boy but I can’t tell him because I am so freaking scared that he will turn around and leave. I’m scared that I will scare him away, and I can’t take him walking out from me. I need him.

“Your tea is getting cold love.” Louis says and leaves a kiss on my nose before letting his arms fall from me to his sides. He smiles and walks over to my water and makes me new tea and I can almost feel myself aww because who does that? Who is so damn sweet they make you new tea because yours is cold?

“How the hell can you go from being sexy as fuck to being so freaking adorable?” I ask and Harry just laughs a little, damn I really love his laugh. I am pretty sure I could hear Harry laugh all my life and never get tired of it that is how adorable I find his laugh.

“It’s a gift I was born with” He answers and I can’t help but laugh a little at his answer. I smile before walking over to him. He giggles when I let my hands wrap around his waist, I love feeling Harry’s naked skin against mine, he is always so warm and cuddly.


Just a little cuddly fluffy chapter because I am in a cuddly fluffy mood :)

Don't hurt yourself over what happen with Zayn, it's okay to be sad but please stay safe <3 

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