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I look around and see all the people dancing like crazy people. I got a DM from Harry telling me that he wanted me to come, but I honestly can’t even see him in this crowed of people. I honestly don’t like partying that much, I’m more of a sit home and watch movie kind of guy you know.

“Louis right?” I hear a voice from behind me, I turn around and stop in my track when I see one of the most beautiful people walking on this earth, Zayn Malik also known as one half of the hottest couple ever.

“Yeah.” I say and he gives me one of his award winning smile, I now understand what people say when they tweet about Zayn being 100% hotter in real life than on pictures, I can honestly see why he is a model, damn I would totally jump him if he wasn’t with Liam.

“I’m happy you showed up, Harry have been talking about you a lot.” He says and shakes my hand, he then tells me that Harry probably is by the bar trying to figure out if he should dance or not. I didn’t know that Harry was a dancing person.

I thank him and walk over to the bar, and just like Zayn said there he sits like the fucking model he is. His perfectly black skinny jeans with that perfectly perfect white tee together with a black blazer. He looks more like a model than what he does in magazines and I am surprised that he even talk to me when I look like I look.

“Louis hi!” He says and stand up, he comes over to me and gives me a small hug, and I promise I’m dying, how the hell can you not die when Harry fucking Styles hugs you like you are best friends? It’s like everyone’s dream.

“Do you want to dance?” he asks me and I nod, right when he says that Ellie Goulding’s song Love me like you do comes on, let’s just say like this, that song is my fucking jam I freaking love it… and that comes from someone who isn’t in to pop that much. I am more an alternative music kind of guy.

Harry takes my hand and we walk together out on the dance floor, a lot of the people who already are there doesn’t even care what song it is they still just grind on each other, I would like to do that with Harry later on but right now I just want to be close and dancing with him.

I put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist, I have never been so close with someone when I dance with them because I like my own space, but it feels so good being close with Harry.

We movie slowly to the music and it feels like everything else around us just disappear, it’s just us dancing around and I feel so alive. I feel like we could be dancing in my living room at 3am and I would still feel the same. I don’t even think about all those dirty drunk people trying to get their way with their partner, all I think about is how perfectly me and Harry is moving around, like nothing else matter than this moment.

I don’t even notice that the song ended until a person jumps right in to me, I look at Harry and he laughs a little, but I can see the little blush that tells me that he also got lost in the moment. I want to get lost in more moments with Harry. I like the feeling of it.

“Harry you can’t believe what I just saw! You know Josh? He is snogging this super fit girl that is together with that Brad guy.” I look at Liam who is pretty damn drunk and then back at Harry who doesn’t even seem to care about what he is saying.

“Liam the girl he is snogging is Chloé his girlfriend and she broke up with Brad 3 years ago. Go find Zayn and snog him I think he needs it.” Harry says and gives Liam a little kiss on his forehead, I am going to be totally honest with you guys and tell you that it was absolutely adorable how he treated Liam like a little baby boy.

“He always gets like that when he is drunk, acts like a little kid… just wait a few hours and it will go away and he will be a horny fuck who will dry hump Zayn until they find a private space.” Harry says with a little laugh, I look at him with a smile, I like the way he laughs it makes him look adorable and he looks so childish. He doesn’t look like a model at all when he laughs, he just seem so happy when he laughs and I feel like models almost never smile. I have a hard time not seeing Harry with a smile because he looks so beautiful when he does smile.

“Can I offer you a drink?” He asks me with that beautiful smile of his and I can’t help but nod. I know I shouldn’t be drinking so much but one drink can’t hurt anyone and I can’t say no to that smile of his.

I take the drink he buys me and takes a sip, it taste actually good and I smile because I am not the type to drink that much alcohol tasting drinks, I think it isn’t my thing. It taste weird and always burn.

“Dance?” Harry asks and I nod because I like the fact that I can do that, I can say yes to Harry Styles when he asks me to dance, because he actually do ask me. I never imagine that to happen, but it did and I am happy it did because I love the feeling of being close to him.

We dance a little crazy to the song playing and I can’t help but wish he would pull me closer and just hold me close, and just as if he could read my mind he does, He grabs me by the hips and pulls me closer to him, I am damn sure I don’t know how to breathe anymore, but that’s okay because I feel damn alive having Harry grinding in to me. I wouldn’t mind having this every day.


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