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Every happy little moment of my life needs to end, every single one of them always have an end. I know they had but I just kind of hoped they wouldn’t… I just wish they wouldn’t.

The moment when Tristan said that Louis couldn’t come with me to the fashion week, I lost it all. I lost all the shits I ever hold inside. The moment he said that he won’t let me take with me a distraction to work, Louis is not a fucking distraction he is the reason why I haven’t flipped some fucking shit.

“You need to understand Harry, we only want what’s best for you, and we can’t have some boy coming with ruin it for you.”

I am pretty damn sure that Tristan has no idea what he is fucking talking about because damn he is so fucking wrong, Louis is what’s best for me and he isn’t fucking ruin anything.

I stand up and just walk out from the room, I can’t take this shit not right now. I need Louis and I need to have him there with me. I don’t even care what Tristan thinks he can’t control my fucking life.

I call a cab because I am pretty sure that I can’t drive because I would only be mad and I can feel the tears burning and wanting to fall. I don’t want to be a danger for the traffic so I will take a cab.

I wait outside and I can feel that I am getting cold, I really wish I took my jacket before I stormed out, but it’s too late now because I am not going back in there to just get my jacket.

I wrap my arms around myself to keep myself warm until the cab rolls up on the sidewalk.

When I get in to the cab I tell him Louis address and he starts driving, I just let the first tear fall and it’s soon followed by a lot more tears. I just had hoped that something for once actually worked the way I wanted it to work.

“I’m sorry sir but it looks like we are stuck in the traffic and it will take a while until we get to the destination.” I thank the driver for telling me and takes my phone up. I goes in to my voice mails and smile when I listen to an old voice mail of Louis just telling me everything he is doing.

I am so bored Harry. I have been walking around the house and just picked up different weird stuff and put them in the wrong place just to fuck with myself later. Like right now I am picking up that pink sweater that you call girly but you love when I wear, I am going to put that one where I have the towels… just to piss myself off later when I look for it. I don’t really know why I am doing this but I have nothing better than fucking with myself to do…”

I keep listening to Louis voice mails until I get to the end of them all it’s just Louis being Louis and telling me about nonsense that no one really would care about, I love those voice mails because he is so adorable.

“Sir we are here.” I smile and pay the driver and hurry up to Louis apartment, I can hear the music playing from outside and I can’t help but smile because he is probably dancing around his living room, he does that a lot.

I open the door and a smile comes to my lips when I see Louis dancing around in the living room to Sleeping With Sirens new album Madness, he is only in his boxers and damn he looks so damn hot and adorable, how is that even possible?!

“Hey Harry come dance with me!” He says and takes my hand. I close the door behind me before I get dragged by Louis to the living room. I smile at him and dances with him.

He almost make me forget what Tristan told me earlier and I feel alive. I feel so alive every time I am together with Louis, he makes me feel so damn alive all the time.

We dance for a while until Louis stops the music and walks over to me.

“You look like you have been crying what’s going on in your pretty little world?” He asks me and puts his arms around my neck so he is close to me. I like being close to Louis because he makes me feel good by just touching me.

“I had a meeting with Tristan today…” I sigh and I feel how he pulls me closer to him, I like how he knows when I need him. It’s like he knows when I need him to hold me just a little bit closer. I feel so safe in Louis arms.

“He doesn’t want you to follow me to fashion week…” I say and I look at him and hold him closer because damn I want him to follow me to fashion week so fucking bad, I want him with me there so much.

“That’s okay Harry, I will be just fine here.” He says, I know he will be just fine here… I just wanted him to be with me there. It isn’t about how we will do without each other, it’s about the fact that I just really wanted him to be there with me. I wanted to do this together with him and now they won’t let me.

“I just really wanted to do this together with you.” I say and he kisses my lips and I let a small smile come on my lips when he lets his lips linger a little longer than they was supposed to.

“I know… but there will be more fashion weeks, I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.” He says and I pull him even closer if that is possible. I feel how he leaves kisses on my neck and I feel so alive. Those words playing like song on repeat in my head.

I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.


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