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Saying goodbye to Harry again was probably even harder than the first time, is this how it’s going to be? Is it going to be harder each time we say goodbye? I don’t like the sound of goodbye I like to think about it as a see you later instead. Because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. I don’t want Harry to forget me because I have fallen so fucking hard for that boy that words can’t even explain it.

“I don’t like leaving you here and knowing that you were supposed to be there with me.” He says and gives me one more kiss, I like the feeling of his lips against mine, it feels like home. Being with Harry feels like being home.

Watching him walk through the security and knowing that now I can’t get to him anymore is so much harder than I actually thought it would be. I told myself that I wouldn’t cry and I am pretty sure that I would have broken that promise if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to cry in an airport because that would be so awkward.

I grab a taxi home and just sit on the floor for hours until I decide to do a video because I need to and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

“Hey internet… I don’t really know what to do so I guess this will just be me covering one of my now favourite songs… This is Edge of tonight by All Time Low and it’s from their new record Future Hearts.” I say and starts playing the chords on the piano and singing the lyrics.

There is something with All Time Low’s new album that makes me love it so freaking much.

I sing and feel like that this is what I needed, to just sit down and sing out like nothing really matter.

“Thanks for watching and hopefully you will get a better video later this week.” I say and blow kisses to the camera before turning it off. I edit the video and try to keep it as normal as possible because I don’t want to over do it.

I sit for almost one hour before I am happy with it, I had a little bit of a problem with the sound so it took a little bit longer than I thought. I wanted it to be not so edited so when the sound fucked up I might have been a little bit mad. It’s like when you try to put a song in your phone and it ends up with all your songs deleting… or does that only happen to me?

“Louis?” I look up from my computer and my eyes almost plop out when I see the short Irishman standing in my door. He gives me one of his perfect smiles and I can almost feel my heart breaking. I never realized how much I actually missed my best friend until he is here in front of me.

“Ni what are you doing here?” I say while I run over to him and hug him, he let out a little laugh when I say that.

“Well I got a call from a special model who said that he would buy me my ticket here only if I promised to keep you company and make sure that you don’t cry.” Niall says and I almost cry because of Harry, Harry did this for me.

I remember how we just a few days ago was laying in the bed talking and I mentioned that I haven’t seen Niall for so long. He is a sneaky bastard. Damn I love him… Oh my god I love Harry.

“So my little friend what do you say about us going out for a shopping trip because I do not fucking come all this way to be locked up in your bedroom… oh and by the way you should really lock your door because anyone can just walk in” He says and I laugh at him and change from my grey sweatpants to a pair of black skinny jeans. I leave the big T-Shirt on, it’s a drop dead T-shirt that is Harry’s. I was surprised when I saw it at first because I haven’t seen him wear drop dead before.

“You look hot man… but your hair is a mess so put on a beanie.” Niall says and gives me a red beanie. That is why I love Niall because he knows that I don’t like walking around with my hair like a mess. But he also knows when I am too lazy to actually do anything about it.

“… and I will even let you pick the music in the car.” Niall ends up saying and I realize I didn’t listen to what he said, but I guess I pick the music… YAY!!!

We walk together out of my apartment and I pick up my phone and send a quick text to Harry and telling him that he is the best. I am so damn happy he did this for me because it feels like Niall is the only one who would understand me. Niall is the only one who would know what to do when I miss Harry.

“Okay so are you okay with You Me At Six?” I ask and Niall nod. I decided to be nice and play You Me At Six instead of Asking Alexandria because Niall isn’t in to that music.

“I did actually listen to Sleeping with Sirens new album a few days ago and I actually like it.” Niall says and I give him a big smile. I knew that Niall would like that album because it’s not like their old albums. It’s more something Niall actually would listen to.

I drive and Hope for the Best plays from the speakers and I smile. I actually smile and that is something that surprise me because I did expect myself to actually feel really down over this Harry thing.

Of course I feel sad about it but I just feel happy to know that Niall is here to help me get through this. He is here to babysit me.

I have nothing against Niall babysitting me because I am older than him and he only does it so I won’t be sad so it doesn’t matter really. He is doing this for me and that is what matters.

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