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I sit beside Harry and can’t help but smile. We are out for coffee and he showed me this really cute café where they had cute green couches and I actually started sitting on the couch on the opposite of us… but then I felt like I needed to cuddle with Harry so I moved over to him.

“You’re absolutely adorable Louis” Harry says and I can’t help but blush. He takes up his phone and takes a picture of us while we drink our coffee. I have a caramel ice latte, Harry just have a normal coffee because he is boring like that. He doesn’t really get how I can drink cold coffee… but it’s something special with ice latte it tastes amazing, like no lie.

“That is so going on Instagram” Harry says and I look at the picture, we look so freaking adorable. I have beanie on my head and my hair down in my face. Harry have his hair up in a bun, he looks really adorable.

We look really cute together and you can almost see how cuddled up we are and I really like it, I like how he wants to show the world that I am his… because I am his. I am Harry’s and I honestly don’t want to be anyone else.

“I am going to have to fly over to USA for fashion week and I wondered if you wanted to come with me.” Harry suddenly says, I look up at him to see if he actually tells the truth that he wants me there. When I don’t see anything else than truth I realize that he really wants me to fly with him to USA.

“Are you going to be on the catwalk?” I ask because I honestly want to know because I wouldn’t mind watching him walk on the runaway but I know that I also wouldn’t mind having him beside me telling me about what everything is and stuff like that.

“Just the first two shows then I just be watching, and I kind of hoped you would be there watching with me.” He says and I can see how he blushes a little, he looks so damn adorable when his cheeks are all red and cute.

“Yeah I would love to fly with you to the USA to go on fashion week with you.” I say and he leaves a little kiss on my lips. The little kiss makes my cheeks match his red once and we are both a giggling blushing mess, it absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here.

No one’s P.O.V:

Louis walk hand in hand with Harry down the streets of London, they share headphones and from their headphones you can hear the tones from Terrible Things with Mayday Parade. The winter bris is cold against their skin but their linked hands are keeping the cold out.

Harry sings along to the song and Louis is laughing when he gets the words wrong, he have never thought that someone could be so adorable when they sang the words wrong.

There is something about the song that makes Louis heart want to break in a million pieces, the fact that it’s like a story makes him smile. There isn’t many songs that is a story these days.

“Life can do terrible things…. But Louis I think that life can do beautiful things too.” The short boy looks up at the curly haired lad and he blushes because Harry have the beautiful smile that makes the shorter man weak in his knees.

They are walking close and Louis can’t help but smile because he likes the feeling of being close to his Harry, he really likes the sound of that.

Louis is happy, he feels like he could do anything when he have Harry’s hand in his. He really loves that feeling.

“How did I end up being so lucky?” the model asks the YouTuber and the short lad looks up at his love. He never thought that Harry would think like that, he always thought that he was the only one lucky in this and Harry didn’t know what he was doing.

“I am the one that ended up being lucky” He answers and gives a little kiss on the cheek, he loves that he can show the world how he feels about Harry because none of them really gives a fuck about what other people think. This is their love story not someone else.

The song in their headphones ends and Louis takes up the phone and his heart breaks a little when Sing with My Chemical Romance comes on…. Keep running… That is what Gerard says and that is what he is doing, he keeps running even if the band isn’t a band anymore. He keeps running.

“I know how this song makes you feel Lou, you don’t need to listen to it.” Harry says to him and kisses the top of his head and takes the phone from Louis before switching song to Moving On with Asking Alexandria.

Louis smiles a thankful smile to Harry because Harry knows him. He knows that Sing and Helena is two of the songs from My Chemical Romance that makes him cry. He cries to Sing because he loves it so much… and to Helena because that was the last song they ever played as a band… So long and goodnight… That was the last words they ever sang as a band.

Of course the song Cancer also gets him really fucked up emotionally but that is another story. You could say that every My Chemical Romance song breaks his heart a little because he feels sad about them not being a band anymore.

Harry notice that Louis gets a little down so he let’s go of his hand and put his arm around him, he pulls the smaller boy closer to him so he can feel the warmth of him. He loves how Louis fits perfectly against him, they are like the perfect two.


Killjoys make some noise...... 

I am absolutely heartbroken because of the fact that its 22th of March, my heart hurts like hell. IT FUCKING HURTS!!!!

2 fucking years ago one of my favourite freaking bands broke up, and I don't know what to do because they have saved my life so many times!!!

My friends don't really understand they just tell me to suck it up and move on but how the fuck am I supposed to move on when they saved my life when I was so close to killing my self. Keep running. 

I'm heart broken like it hurts really bad to know that they aren't a band anymore...

The only positive things is that my Peter Pan is absolutely adorable and makes me smile even if I don't want to and that I will see Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens in 2 days!!! oh and it's my birthday in 8 days.

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