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“If Harry watch this video I just want you to know I don´t want to bang you…” I smile when I see the boy say that. My fans send me a video with this guy Louis Tomlinson and let´s just say that he doesn´t look bad at all. I would bang him.

“And that was probably the biggest lie I have ever told.” I smile and let out a little laugh when he ends his video.

“What are you laughing at Styles?” I look up and sees Ronnie stand there, he is one of the models for Wendy´s… I hate him and he still believes that I want to fuck him… I wouldn´t bang him even if he was the last person on the earth…

“Just a video.” I answer shortly because I don´t want to talk to him… because I hate him.

“oh can I see?” He asks and sits down beside me. I give up and replay the video with the adorable guy who I probably is going to stalk later. I don´t know what it is with him but he makes me remember why I do what I am doing. It´s funny because honestly I have no idea how he makes me feel that way but he just makes me feel like I am doing this because this is what I always wanted… even if I don´t feel that way now, he makes me feel like I was a young boy again who is obsessed with famous people.

He makes me smile.

“Oh you´re watching Louis Tomlinson, isn´t he a little bit weird for your taste? He is a little fat too if you ask me.. And honestly I don´t see why people find him funny or handsome because he is nothing of those things.” Ronnie says and I look at him, because his word are wrong, Louis isn´t fat he is totally normal, and I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I take my phone back from him and walk away, I never really understood why people in the model industry is so fucked up! I never wanted to be one of those fucked up people but look at me now… I am one of those fucked up people… And that is really fucked up.

“Harry I need you to change in to those white underwear, they will make your bulge looks bigger.” Erin my stylist says, and I look at the underwear, that is one other thing with all those people everything is about how big your private parts is… Like come on girls boobs isn´t that fucking big and why are we making girls and boys believe that?!

I feel awful because they change a lot in the pictures on the computer to make you look skinnier and have bigger butt and boobs, which isn´t perfect because honestly no one looks so perfect.

But I can´t say that I won´t do this anymore because this is the job that makes money for me and if it wasn´t for how good they pay me then I would been gone long ago.


I step out from the plane and look around on the airport, it´s a lot of people running around and I can understand them because they probably have somewhere important to be, or maybe they just want to get home.

I always loved airports because you stand in a place where you can take yourself anywhere in the world. It´s so many people that are going to so many places, but still they are all in one of the same place. Everyone starts their journey in this place, and that is amazing.

I take my bag and starts walking to the exit where I know Niall is waiting for me. I smile when I see him standing there with a really ugly sign where it says “Welcome back you fucking bastard” I smile and walks over to him.

“Nice to see you too Niall” I say and hugs him. He laughs and takes my bag, while telling me about how his neighbour moved away so now he has a fucking twat playing horrible music all the time. That is the thing with Niall he likes a lot of music but when it comes to stuff like Bring me the horizon and Issues then he can´t take it… I never understood him because that kind of stuff is freaking amazing.

Niall do listen to good music but his music taste kind of stops at Pierce The Veil and Sleeping with Sirens… Mine kind of doesn´t have a stop at that side of music… Mine kind of stops when it comes to Justin Bieber or that freaking song Rude with Magic… I can´t take it… Hate it…

Niall tells me how he has been listening to some of Issues stuff and he only kind of like one of their songs and I try to figure out what´s wrong with him because that shit is freaking amazing… But then again people like different kind of music and I am kind of in to more hard music than Niall will ever be.

He likes pop which is good but I like other music too.

“So tell me Louis what has happen sense last time!” Niall loves talking about stuff that has happen, and honestly I never have something to tell him because we Skype almost every day so he kind of already know everything that has happen sense last time I was here.

“I hit 1 million subscribers when I was on the plane and I feel so freaking powerful and soon I can take over the world!” I say and he laughs. Yeah yeah just because he has 3 million subscribers…. That fucker..


I´m sick... so fuck everyone and everything...

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