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What is air now again? I don’t know what to do with myself. I sign a few things for a few girls and then I talk with them. I have been here for two hours and it’s soon time for me to leave.

 I can’t get the Harry thing out of my head, I met him and damn. He has been in my head the whole day! I just hope he doesn’t think I am weird.

“Louis please stay for a little longer” A few of the girls say when I am on my way to leave, it’s mostly girls and I honestly don’t mind that, because they have been there supporting me and that is all I am asking for. I smile and takes a few more picture until I realize that I really have to go.

“I am sorry girls but I really have to leave, I love you all and I am so happy that I got to meet you” I say and smile to them, some of the girls are crying and I feel bad because I hate to see people cry, I know that a lot of my fans cry but that doesn’t mean that I want to see them cry. I hate to see them cry.

I walks in to the cab that’s waiting for me and tell him where I want him to take me. When the cab starts rolling out I wave to everyone who is crying and smiling, I love that my fans is so calm and not jump on me like crazy, it makes it so much easier to meet every single one of them, and that is what I want to do. I want everything I do to be for them, because without them I wouldn’t be here.

When I walk in to my apartment I smile and take out my phone, I have me and Harry as my background because come on you know you would too if you got a picture together with your idol. I blush a little when I see the picture where he kisses my cheek and I blush like crazy, he is so beautiful when he looks so normal.

I love how he doesn’t look like one of those models… well he does but he still looks normal with that bandana in his hair and that flannel shirt. He looks normal but still like a model if that make sense.

I open the twitter app and I am not even surprised by all the pictures fans have send me of us to together, I love when my fans does that because then I can save them in my phone and have them in my album where I have my fans.

I walk over to the stereo and play the album that’s in it, a little smile is spread on my face when I hear Alexander William Gaskarth’s beautiful voice coming through the speakers, don’t panic it’s longer now is the best freaking album ever!

I dance around my living room a little until I realize what I am doing, holly shit balls what if someone see me now, they would think I was sick to my head.

I laugh a little and sit down on the sofa, I love everything right now.

@Harry_Styles: Met the beautiful @Louis_Tomlinson today, he is more beautiful in real life!

I blush and look at his tweet, he thinks I am beautiful… Harry Styles the fucking model thinks I AM BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to scream but I know that my neighbours would hate be if I did, so I better not.


@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles you don’t look so bad yourself xx


I don’t know why I wrote two xx but I felt a little bit cool when I did, so hopefully he doesn’t mind.


I sit in my bedroom and looking on an episode of how I met your mother, while eating some pizza I know that Tristan doesn’t want me to eat junk food, so that is the reason why I am eating it… Just to piss him off… and because it’s fucking amazing.

I take a picture of the pizza and upload it to twitter where I am telling everyone that I am having a lazy night. I love seeing all those people who tweet me that they love me for not only eating salad and still am a model.

I also love seeing all those jealous fuckers who send me that I am fat, well last time I looked it wasn’t you who was the front cover of almost every magazine. I laugh a little but keep watching the TV…

I wonder if Louis would freak out if I asked him out, I know that it sounds crazy but even if he fanboyed over me when we met I felt more like a normal boy with him than I have with anyone else and that is something big for me because I don’t feel like a normal person often, I sometimes forget how it is to just be a boy who does whatever he wants to behind his mums back.

I could never do anything like other boys could, I couldn’t go out partying without my mum knowing because if I said I was going to a friend’s house, it was going to be a big picture of me on the front cover of the magazine while partying. I could never keep secrets for my mum… I still can’t but now I don’t really need to hide anything from my mum.

All I want is to have one day back in a normal life where I aren’t a big model who everyone wants a piece of…. I just want to be Harry for once, not the big model who has a great body. I hate how everyone only looks at me like I am a sex toy, I am a human being who only does his job. It’s like a porn star only does their job, they get paid for it.


This is because it's Harry's birthday! Happy birthday Harry!!!

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