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I sit once again in front of my camera talking about some shit that people relate to. I don’t know how I come up with those problems but let’s face it there is so much in life that annoys me that I shouldn’t be surprised.

“And then this bitch was like looking at me like I was stupid or something!” I say and move my hands so they will understand how upset I really am about this shit. Yes I am going on about how this lady on the bus looked on me like I was stupid just because my headphones wasn’t really plugged in. IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! I didn’t fucking mean to plug in my headphones to little so the whole bus would hear Asking Alexandria. But let’s face it. It fucking happen no need to look at me like that woman.

I keep complaining until my phone goes off. I hate it when someone is calling when I am making a video because that means that I will have to cut it out and then people will notice and think I am making this whole thing up. I am not!!

“Harry I am in the middle of the video!!” I say in to the phone and I can hear him laugh a little, I love his laugh it’s adorable and it makes me think about that night two weeks ago when I kissed him.

Right now Harry is in LA and doing some model shit that I am so proud over him for.

“Oh but Louis darling I thought you would love me calling you on a time when you aren’t sleeping.” He says with a hint of joke in his voice. I like him when he is like this because it makes me feel special like he can joke with me… I may also like the fact that he called me darling… but that is of the fucking point.

I walk over to my camera and put it off because I realize that now when I am talking to Harry I can do a video later. I would much rather talk to him right now than complain to a video camera about some shit that isn’t that important… Maybe I can do another video and just tweet at angry tweet about it later.

“What are you up to?” I ask and lay down on my bed and I can hear him move around a little.

“You know the usually when I call you, nothing just laying on my hotel bed… I kind of wish you were here beside me.” He says and I feel myself blush. He is so freaking adorable and I don’t even know how I could even be worthy enough to talk on the phone with him.

“So Louis, what have you done today more than a video?” He asks and I hear someone scream at him from the background, I remember him telling me that he always have people screaming at him telling him to do stuff he doesn’t feel like doing. I never just expected it to be so true.

I just thought he was making a little joke, but turns out he actually told me the truth. It’s pretty sad that he has to live with all those people screaming at him. I bet he hasn’t done anything wrong. My Harry can’t do anything wrong… wait he isn’t mine… I wish he was but he isn’t and I kind of just need to accept the fact that he isn’t… I wish he were mine because Louis and Harry… Harry and Louis it just sounds so good. It’s like it’s meant to be… But who knows maybe it’s just me thinking his, what if he finds me annoying and only hang out with me because he feel sorry for me because I am such a loser.



“What are you thinking about honey? I can almost smell the burn over here.” I say and he laughs a little at my joke. Oh my god I miss his laugh… I miss him so damn much. I never really had a problem being away from England but now when I know that Louis is in England I kind of wish I was too.

“You…” He says quiet and I am pretty sure he regret it and hope that I wouldn’t hear him, but I did. I did hear him and I love the feeling of knowing that he is thinking about me just as I am thinking about him… Hopefully he is thinking about me just as much as I am thinking about him.

I am pretty sure I think about him almost every moment of the day.

“HARRY FUCKING STYLES GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!!” I hear someone scream, this is the 6th person screaming at me to get out there, but they obviously doesn’t know that I am talking to Louis… I would fucking punch them in the face if it wasn’t for the fact that I would be in more trouble if I did that.  

I kind of have a lot of shit going on and I kind of just locked myself in to my room so I could call Louis. I just kind of felt like I needed to talk to him. I needed him to keep me sane in this fucking insane world. I have never hated being a model as much as I do now.

I miss Louis and his little cute body curled in to mine while we cuddle. I have never felt so lonely waking up… After we kissed two weeks ago we kind of stayed together for so long and just stayed in for a few days… and then my manager called and made me go to LA to do some shit I really don’t want to…

I am treated like a fucking doll, they dress me up and make me do like they say. I am not even feeling human anymore. The only time I feel human is when I am on the phone with Louis because he makes me feel so down to earth and I love that feeling.

I just wish I could stay on the phone with Louis forever.

“I think a lot about you too Louis.” I say and look at the white wall… I can hear more people scream at me to come up, but the only thing I can focus on is Louis and the way he breathe. I can imagine the little blush he probably have on his face. He always looks so adorable with a blush.

Then it comes, the cute little giggle that makes my heart skip a beat. I am completely in love with Louis giggle… no lie.


Here you go you're adorable fuckers!!! I am fucking happy because it's Friday and all that shit.... 

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