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I walk in to my small apartment in London and look around, it’s a fucking mess and I don’t even give a fuck, I am too lazy to pick it all up.  I know that I will have to do it sooner or later, but I kind of prefer later because I hate cleaning and try to push it up as long as I can really.

I sit down on the sofa and look around, there isn’t that much to do so I take up my laptop and log in on twitter, I promise that twitter is like my second home because I spend so much time on there.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Hello guys!! I hope you haven’t missed that I am doing a meet up tomorrow at 10am in London!

I send the tweet and I get a lot of people telling me that they are coming, the thing about my meet ups is that I never tell them more than the city because I want it to be a little bit fun. So for about 4 hours I kind of just walk around and are almost everywhere and meet fans who is out looking for me, and then after that I tweet a location where I stay for about 2 hours and talk to my fans.

I love them so much and I try to meet as many as I can so I put away a whole day for them.


@Harry_Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson you wouldn’t mind if I came right?

I look at the tweet and try not to freak out because let’s face it I have the biggest fucking crush on Harry Styles ever. And I would probably die if I met him because he is like the most beautiful human being ever. Like how can you not love Harry Styles?!

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Harry_Styles of course I wouldn’t mind, who would mind your adorable little face!

I tweet it and look at the tweet I just send, I hope he don’t think I am so weird shit… even if that is what I am, I just want him to think I am normal and not freaking out over him, even if that is what I am doing, but I just want him to believe I don’t.


@Harry_Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson guess I see you then xx

I smile and log out from twitter, who knew that Harry Styles would tweet me out of all people who loves him…. I wonder if he watch my videos because damn that would be so fucking embarrassing because I am basically telling the world how I want to have his babies… Like come on he may not have told the world but he is gay as fuck.



I smile and put my phone down, I am pretty proud over myself for making a little move on Louis, it may be like a little move but baby steps may make me talk to him. I admit it I have a tiny little crush on the blue eyed lad. He is so beautiful and he makes my heart beat harder when I see his videos. I know about his little crush on me and I don’t mind him liking me because damn he is beautiful as fuck.

I look at the time and decides to go to bed, it’s pretty late and I am pretty done with everything, and plus I have to be up early tomorrow so I can find Louis. Oh yeah I am going to look for him… but first I need a coffee so I need to have that before I look for Louis.

I take of my clothes and goes under the cover, I close my eyes and let the darkness of sleep take over my body. It feels like I haven’t had a real night sleep for weeks and all I really want is to sleep for the rest of my life. Sleep is life.

When I wake up the time is 9am so I get dressed and decide to eat breakfast at Starbucks before going looking for Louis. I know that he use to take pictures and upload on twitter to give hints about where he is, and hopefully I will know where he is before he tells everyone a place where he will be, I would like that privacy you get when you find him before he tweets it.

I put on my black vans and my jacket. The snow is still falling outside and I don’t understand why Louis would pick a day in the middle of winter to meet his fans, sure it’s nice of him but it’s fucking freezing.

I take a cab to Starbucks and order a chocolate muffins and a vanilla latte. When I get my stuff and turn around I am met with a nice surprise, in to Starbucks no other than Louis Tomlinson walks in, he is wearing a pair of flower vans, black skinny jeans and a jeans jacket. He looks absolutely perfect.

“Can I have Chai Latte?” He asks and I smile when he tell the casher that his name is Louis Styles.

“Last time I checked your last name was Tomlinson and mine was Styles, but who am I to know.” I say when he waits on his Chai Latte. He looks up from his phone and I promise if I could I would have taken a picture of his face, he looks absolutely perfect and he looks so freaking shocked over to see me.

“You’re Harry Styles.” He says with big adorable eyes.

“And you’re Louis Tomlinson, nice to finally meet you” I say and he smiles a beautiful smile to me.

“You are even more beautiful in real life.” He looks like he didn’t mean to say that because his eyes gets even bigger if that is possible and I looks scared, maybe he is scared that I will think he is weird.

“The same goes to you Louis… Styles” He blushes and I promise that, that is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. He looks so beautiful.

“Louis Styles!” They call out and he walks over and takes his Chai Latte. I smile and takes a bite of my chocolate muffins, it’s a great breakfast I know.

“Now as a fan of yours I want a picture with you.” I say and he blushes even more. I take out my IPhone and we take like 10 selfies, they are really stupid but damn it was fun… People are looking at us like we are crazy as fuck, who cares like have you seen this boy?!


double update because I am nice!!!!

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