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I stubble in to my apartment really drunk with a giggling Louis holding my hand. If I am drunk than he is drunker than drunk. We laugh at almost anything and I feel so alive. I feel alive even if I can’t even stand because I am here with Louis, he makes me all giggly and blushy… I like it.

“I think you’re pretty Harry.” Louis whisper while giggling and I giggle, he is so damn fucking adorable and I just want him to be mine and stay with me forever, I want to pause this drunk ass moment so I can stay in it forever, stay here where I am happy and giggly Harry. I like this moment right here, no thought about anything than the boy who makes me smile more than anyone else.

I lead Louis too my bedroom where I crash down on my bed, I love dancing and drinking but let’s face it, everyone love sleep. Sleep is like a warm hug and everyone loves warm hugs.

“Hi there pretty boy.” Louis whisper while giggling, I look at him when he lay down beside me, I like the look of him lying there looking at me like I’m beautiful.

I may be a model but I have never felt more beautiful than when Louis looks at me, I feel like I am, I really am beautiful. Like not just beautiful like magazine cover beautiful, no Louis makes me feel beautiful inside out and I do really like that, I am not use to people making me feel that way but I really like it.

I really like the way Louis makes me feel, he makes me feel alive and worth so much.

“You’re pretty Harry… but not for what everyone else see. You’re so pretty both inside and outside.” Louis whisper and to my surprise he isn’t giggling, he looks at me and I feel so much emotions when he says it. I can feel how much he means it and it means so much to me. I like just looking in to his eyes.

There is something with Louis eyes, I have never seen so beautiful blue eyes before. They are like magical and they pull me under a spell every time I look in to them. I know it sounds damn cheese but I could drown in his eyes, like I wouldn’t mind because his eyes is so beautiful.

They are like two pools of beautiful. Like if you swim in them you will be forever beautiful.

If Louis looks at you then you will feel the power his eyes have and I know that it’s not my drunken mind playing a trick on me, I know that there is something with his eyes that’s so powerful.

I look down at his lips and they look so kissable and it would be so easy for me to only move a little bit forward and let my lips meet his… but I don’t, because I am scared. I am scared that he won’t feel the same way and I will ruin everything. I know I grinded on him at the party but that is a different thing because everyone does it.

Here alone in my bedroom everything become so much more real and private, alone in my bedroom makes every move I take so much more visible he can see everything I do.

I look back up to his eyes and I realize that he is looking at my lips, does he want me to kiss him? My drunken mind can’t really take a decision if I should kiss him or not, it feels like now when I know he looked at my lips that he wants me to kiss him… but what if I am wrong and fuck everything up.


Before I can think much more about it I feel Louis lips against mine, I realize that he is kissing me. I waste no time not kissing him back. We keep it a sweet little kiss but it feels so special, I feel so special kissing Louis. It’s like I am special enough to him.

He kissed me. He actually kissed me.


I look at his lips and I saw how he looked at my lips, damn I just want to feel how they feel against my lips. What if I fuck up?

I keep looking at his lips and I see how he let his eyes lay on my lips a little longer… Fuck it what is the worst thing that can fucking happen?!

I move forward a kiss him, he kisses me back and I feel so good, it feels so good kissing Harry. I could do this my whole life if he let me. I kiss him but try not to make thing too heated, I like how this is just a sweet little kiss, no lust just a sweet little kiss.

I like those kinds of kisses but I don’t actually get them that often because people now a days only want to fuck and I don’t want to only fuck. I want to find someone who I can share cute little moments with, all those moments you see in movies.

Sure people say it’s just bullshit in movies, but they need to have gotten it from somewhere right? So someone need to have done that and when you think about how good the movies are and how many people who watch them, it’s not only me who wants it. A lot of people wants those cute little kisses because it’s something so special that people can share.

I look at Harry who is biting his lip and damn he looks so damn adorable, everything about him is adorable. I have seen so many people talk about Harry as hot and sexy but I don’t think anyone have seen this cute side of Harry, the side that makes him look all cute and cuddly. I like this Harry because he is so… so… so Harry.

“I like kissing you.” Harry suddenly says, he looks surprised by what he said himself but he doesn’t look like he regrets it and that puts a smile on my face, because yeah I like kissing Harry too… I like it a lot.

“I like kissing you too.” I say and he smiles one of those smiles that makes the whole world stop. I can honestly say that he could kill people with that smile if he wanted to.


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