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I smile a little when I see Zayn outside the office, Tristan asked me to come here today and I honestly don’t want to but I have to do what I have to do.

“Harry! Dude I haven´t seen you in forever how are you?” Zayn asks and I smile I love Zayn because he is one of those people who actually are real in this place, I have never met someone so honesty as Zayn before and it feels great knowing that he works here too.

“I have been great, a little stressed.” I answer and he smiles, he also tells me about this part he is planning on having. He also tells me he have seen my tweets to Louis and that I can bring him, I wouldn´t mind bring Louis because he is damn hot and I have a big celebrity crush on him.

We say goodbye and I walk in to Tristan´s office, he is probably going to tell me about something I have done wrong and he wants me to change, I honestly don´t care because I won´t listen to him so it doesn’t really matter.

“Mr. Styles sit down.” Tristan says and I realize that we aren’t alone in the room, I look around and see all those weird ass people nicely dressed… Maybe I should have put on something else than sweatpants and a tee… well it’s too late now so who cares.

“Hello Mr. Styles we are Rick Martin and Greg Ireno and we are doing a movie and we would love for you to be a part of it. I can see how Tristan really wants me to do this, but honestly I don’t want to do this I don’t want to be a movie star I just want to be Harry. I don’t have the time to be in a movie.

“You’re just here to sign this.” Tristan says and I look at him, he isn’t going to give me a choice and that is something I won’t fucking take. I will not fucking do anything that I don’t fucking feel like doing! I did never sign up to be a fucking movie star, I just wanted to make money so I could survive. I did not want this.

“Actually I don’t want to be in a movie, I am pretty happy being right where I am.” I say and I can see how Tristan is killing me with his eyes, I couldn’t care less because this is my fucking life and I don’t want him to be a fucking owner of it, it’s my life and I do what I feel like. I do what I think feels right and this doesn’t really feel like that.

“But Harry this is a big opportunity for you.”  Rick Martin says and I look at him with a smile.

“I will only do it if I get to kiss Louis Tomlinson in it.” I say, I mostly say it as a joke but you know if he makes it happen then I wouldn’t mind because Louis is a fine ass boy… like literally have you seen his ass? It’s perfect… okay I need to stop thinking about that because I do not feel like having a problem in my pants right now, it just doesn’t feel like the time.

I can google pictures of it when I am home alone in my bedroom… naked… in my bed…. Okay this is getting out of hand.


“Hello Internet! I´m Louis and I am here today to complain.” I say and smile to the camera, I am really damn mad right now.

“You guys have been complaining about how I haven’t uploaded a picture on Instagram in ages, but that is not my fault! I have been trying for so long so many times but my app only closes itself when I try!” I say and takes up my phone and show them. I don’t even know what’s wrong.

“And before you say that I need to update the app then let me tell you that I have done that and it still doesn’t work, I honestly don’t know what the problem is. It all started when I tried to upload this little video I wanted you to see and now I can’t even upload a picture! Stupid Instagram why do I still use you?”

I keep complaining about Instagram until I have gotten everything out of me and I’m done. I am so done with Instagram like seriously it never works. They should really fix it because I do have fans on Instagram who would like me to upload a picture now and then.

I edit the video and then wait for it to upload, something I like when I just sit down and complain is that I don’t have to edit that much. I only need to edit out if I said something wrong. It’s much harder to edit vlogs and other videos with different clips. I try not to edit that much when I complain because often if I do it doesn’t really make sense and I am tired of not getting what I want out to my people.

I love doing videos on YouTube and I am so lucky that I get the chance to do it. I am living my dream and I think every single person who have a dream should at least try to live it, because nothing is impossible if you want it enough.

If you want to be a singer, be a singer who cares if you can sing or not! Some people get famous because they are good just because they want it so much. If you want something enough make it happen don’t sit and wait until someone serve it on a plate to you, because then you will go nowhere honey.


Here you go enjoy 

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