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I watch the TV with happy eyes, I have been sitting here for over two hours now just to get a little look of Harry. I know he isn't on until another hour but I kind of just want to feel closer to him... Who knew they live streamed fashion week. I didn't.

"Louis are you here?" I hear Niall voice and I scream in here as an answer, Niall left a few hours ago to go meet up with one of his YouTube friends and I said I might be doing the same.. But then I got a text from Harry telling me I could watch fashion week on a live stream if I wanted to... and I just want to see him because let's face it, I miss him like crazy.

"Are you watching fashion week?" Niall asks with a little laugh and I guess that is one way you can see it, I don't but some people do.

"How about we order pizza and watch your model boyfriend shake those hips while walking down the catwalk." Niall says and I laugh but don't say no to pizza because that would be fucking stupid. You do not say no to pizza.

"Pizza sounds awesome" I say and he walks away to order pizza.

"Here we have the model Harry Styles who is going to answer a few of our questions before he is going down the runway"  I look at the TV and my heart stops beating because Harry looks so fucking hot and I can't even touch him.

"Harry you are one of the most successful people in this industry how did you do it?" I don't understand why she asks that! Sure he is but isn't it like obvious that he is more perfect than anyone else? Like no one can fucking top Harry on a model scale... But I can top him on other things... Wait what?!

"It's the curls." Harry answers as a joke and I can see hoe uncomfortable he looks because he don't really like how people look at him like he is different from them.

The interview keeps going and I kind of just get lost in Harry's voices because he sounds like an angel.

"Your boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson right? How is it to be so open with being gay and being together with a YouTube star?" I don't like the way she says gay because it sounds like it hurts her to say it and her fake smile looks even faker. I don't understand why she would interview people if she can't ask those kinds of questions.

It's not like every single fucking person in this fucking world is fucking straight. Get that in to your fucking brain.

"Yeah I guess you could call him my boyfriend, I haven't asked him properly to be my boyfriend yet but I guess we are.. I am going to ask him to be my boyfriend when I get back... or why wait?" Harry says and smiles at the camera before taking up his phone.



"Hello Darling." I say when Louis answers the phone and he giggles when I say it.

"Hi." I hear him answer and put him on speaker.

"You're now on speaker phone, are you watching the live stream?" I ask him and he giggles out a  yes and I feel almost stupid for saying my earlier words because now he already know what I am going to ask him.

"then I guess you already know what I am going to ask you" I say and he giggles a little, damn his giggle will be on the internet forever, I am totally going to make it my ringtone later.

"But I still want you to say it." He says and keeps giggling like a little school girl... Okay nope I don't need to imagine Louis in a girl school uniform calling me daddy... nope I don't need that....

Old naked people... old naked people... old naked people...

I try not to get mini me to grow because those black skinny jeans are damn fucking skinny and you will fucking notice and I am on a fucking live stream and a lot of fucking people watches this and they can't see me imagine Louis calling me daddy.

Sure I can bottom for him and all but I think we kind of share the topping.

"So Louis William Tomlinson I know this is a shitty way to asking you this but why not make it official. Be my boyfriend you beautiful idiot?" I ask and he giggles even more and I die I promise I fucking die because of how fucking adorable he is.

"Yeah I will be your boyfriend... but you're the idiot in this relationship" He says and I laugh at that, damn the things this boy does to me.

"I will talk to you later baby."

"Okay daddy." He laughs out and I feel myself blush at his words, why would you do that to me Louis.


I giggle because I now know everyone will think that me and Harry is in to daddy kink, and I find this way to funny. I am sure Harry would love daddy kink because he is Harry and probably have a dirty mind. But don't tell her I thought that because he would probably kill me if I said it. But let's face it it's true and nothing can change that. Harry is a dirty bastard... and I can call him my boyfriend...

He is my dirty bastard... and I am fine with that... I am more than fine with that actually.... Yeah I am really fine with it.

Harry is mine.

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