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I sit and look out of the window. I have been listening to Tristan yelling at me for over an hour and I am getting tired of it. He is just repeating himself, I kind of get that he is mad that I ignored him and the other once when they screamed at me to come out from my room. But let me tell you this I am my own fucking person and I kind of do what the fuck I want to.

“Harry are you even fucking listening to me?!” Tristan asks and I look at him while nodding to show him that yes I am listening… but it doesn’t mean I care because I’m listening.

“Now go get your bag we are leaving tonight to go to Australia you have a commercial to do there.” Tristan says and I look at him, of fucking course I have a commercial because I always need to do stuff I don’t fucking want to. Like that fucking movie, I just wanted them to make Louis kiss me. I don’t need their help anymore… Fucking useless shit.

I take my headphones and let Ben Bruce version of Someone, Somewhere fill my ears.

Even though I'm on my own

I know I'm not alone

Cause I know there's someone, somewhere

Praying that I make it home

So here's one from the heart

My life right from the start

I need a Home sweet home

To call my own

I smile a little and think about Louis… He is my someone. I take my bag and start walking out to the taxi that’s waiting for me. I just wish that it would take me to a plane that would take me to Louis and not to a plane that would take me more away from him.

“Harry get you’re fucking shit together, it’s like you don’t take anything serious anymore. Like come on you did so great last time with being away from home, nothing is different this time.” Tristan says when I stand and look at the places all the planes are going to. I just wish I could jump on that plane to London instead of this fucking plane to Sydney. I love Sydney I just want to go home. I don’t like being away from Louis.

It’s even worse than being away from my family. It’s like if I am away he will find someone else that is there all the time. Why do I feel like this?

“I just miss my friends.” I say and look around the airport. I see a lot of people taking pictures and normally I would check if my hair looks good, but right now I just want to find out a way to take me to London as fast as possible and not have to go to Sydney.

I wanna go home, I wanna sleep in my own bed

I want a normal life again

Who knew I would feel so related to Asking Alexandria’s lyrics. I am so damn happy that Louis showed me this band because they are so freaking amazing.

“Nothing is different at home, all your friends you had last time is still there. You never had a problem with being away from your friends before Harry.” I kind of feel like Tristan is making me feel like I can’t feel the way I am feeling… But he doesn’t know about the one who is home waiting for me to come back.

“Well last time I left I didn’t have anyone at home that’s waiting on me.” I mumble and walks to the check ins. I feel so sad and all I want to do is call Louis but he is asleep and I don’t want to wake him up because he needs his beauty sleep.

I smile at the thought of sleeping Louis, he is always so adorable when he is asleep, and he always looks so peaceful. I just wish I could be there and see him sleep. I sometimes just lay and watch him sleep because I can’t fall asleep.

I got 4 days with Louis, 4 days of nothing more than laziness. It took me 4 days to fall head over hills for the blue eyed man with the adorable YouTube channel.


I watch all the comments on my YouTube video and a little smile comes up on my face. They all are so adorable and I don’t understand how they all can be so sweet.

Sure I do get hate but it’s pretty easy to ignore because it’s often just people with no lives that tries to get all their emotions out. It doesn’t affect me anymore.

I smile when I see comments about how cute me and Harry are together.

I decided to do a video with pictures of me and Harry just because let’s face it I had no imagination and that is what everyone wants to see.

I smile when I see so many people freaking out about both the song I picked... Which is Someone, Somewhere with Asking Alexandria and the fact that I have a video with a lot of unseen pictures of both me and Harry. I hope he don’t mind, if he does than too late.

I answer a few comments but after a while I close my laptop and lay down on my bed. I should be asleep a long time ago but I can’t help but miss Harry. It’s been so long sense I saw him and I hate that I will have to wait even longer until I see him again. I just wish I could be wherever he is right now.

I want to be wherever you are Harry.

I close my eyes but realize pretty fast that I won’t be able to fall asleep, I will be awake forever if I keep up like this. I stand up from my bed and walks over to my window, I can see the traffic outside my window and I smile… I really live in the city that never sleeps. Ed Sheeran isn’t that stupid, he is actually pretty damn smart… let’s face it Ed Sheeran is a genius and probably Jesus too.


I am a big sucker for Asking Alexandria and Ben Bruce and I have no regrets!!!

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