in the shadows!

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I just started a new story called in the shadows and I hope some of you might want to read it!

It's on my profil!

Louis family haven't been okay in a long time... Two years ago his two sisters Jane and Frankie got in a car crash after been at a party... Jane died the day after in the hospital and Frankie lost her ability to walk...

With a mother who can't get over his sisters death and a father who only cares about how his sister who's alive is feeling, Louis gets left in the shadows of them because he doesn't need them as much... Or that what he lets them thing.

Harry Styles is the brother of Eric Styles the worlds biggest popstar! He is so tired of never being the one his parents is proud of, everything have always been about Eric ever sense he was a kid.

But what happens when two broken souls meet? When two people who both know what it feels like not to be anyone's first choice.

What if they fall in love?

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