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I sit on the hard airport chair but it is okay because I know that any second now Harry will come out from one of those doors with a big smile on his face.

He was so happy when I told him I was here waiting for me, he called me the second he landed and told me he was finally home and I told him that I knew because I was here waiting for him. I smile when I see that a lot of people starts coming out from the doors and I just kind of wait until I see the head of beautiful curls.

When I finally spot him in the crowd I run over to him and hug him, he have this beautiful smile on his face that probably could kill a million girls, and me too for the fact.

I cuddle in to his side when we walk out from the airport he tells me about all the things he have done and I can’t help but cuddle in a little more in his arms. I like the feeling of knowing that he finally is here again, I missed him so much.

I start my car and Harry tells me that we can go home to me and he starts talking about a lot of things that Tristan wants him to do that he really doesn’t want to do. I don’t like this Tristan dude he makes Harry feel sad and I don’t like sad Harry.

I put on the radio and a smile is forming on my face when I hear The Road with Asking Alexandria playing, they are so damn good and I honestly love them really much… and Ben makes me turn in to a fan boy no lie.

I smile when I hear Harry sing along, I remember when I showed him Asking Alexandria for the first time, he wasn’t really sure what he thought about them but turns out he actually liked them a lot after listening a while to them.

It’s like that with some music you just need to listen to it a little bit until you actually realize that you like it. I have a few of those bands that I didn’t like in the beginning but there was something that made me listen to them again and again… and now they are some of my favourite bands.

I park my car outside my apartment and help Harry take his bag in to my house. He smiles a big smile when he turns to me, I wonder if he have missed me just as much as I have been missing him. I hope so.

I walk in to the kitchen with Harry behind me, he promised me we would make tacos when he got home and now we are here and I have all the things we need, and I would love to test his tacos because he told me that they are amazing.

He shows me how I should do and what I should do, I like how his arms feel around my body when he shows me, I know he doesn’t have to do it that way but let’s face it I like it.


I look at Louis where he stands and I can’t help but smile, he looks so damn beautiful standing there and I just want to kiss him…

So I do. I turn him around so he faces me and press him up against the wall and kisses him, I missed him so much and I don’t even care that we aren’t a thing or anything I just want to kiss him so I damn will. I kiss him with so much power and the feeling of his kissing me back with just as much power is worth so much. It feels so magical when he kisses me.

I kiss him and I can feel him smile against my lips, I don’t stop kissing him until I need to catch my breath and even then it’s hard to stop kissing him. I just think I feel in love with the feeling of his lips against mine.

I wouldn’t mind having that in my life all the time, it would be pretty good to have actually and I would feel pretty damn happy about having that. I part from him and he has this beautiful little smile on his face. He is so fucking adorable and I just want to be with him and stay in this moment forever.

He giggles a little and it reminds me a little of our first kiss, the one when he was so drunk and couldn’t even walk straight… the one where I wasn’t much better. He was a giggling mess then and I liked it so much, and I like his giggle so much.

I promise when Louis William Tomlinson giggles the whole world stops and looks at his adorableness because his fucking giggle is the fucking world.

“I like it when you giggle” I say and he blush and giggle even more. I always thought it was annoying when girls giggled but when Louis does it, it sound absolutely perfect. He is absolutely perfect and I don’t know how he can’t see it. How the hell can’t Louis Tomlinson see that he is more like a model than I am?

I promise he is much more beautiful than I am and anyone saying different must be blind and have never seen Louis like this, all giggly and blushy. I like that Louis a lot.

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