2.0 The End

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Two years have passed sense I met Harry for the first time and I don't regret anything about it. Sure we have had our ups and downs but damn I am so in love with him that it's crazy. I am so in love with everything he does that I think I am going to drive myself mad about it.

"dad?" I look up from my book at the little boy standing in the door way. Last year me and Harry adopted little James who is 5 years old. He is the cutest little thing ever and I am feeling like the happiest guy in the world.

"Yes bubba?" I answer him and he looks at me with those adorable brown eyes. He have brown short hair almost like mine which is adorable together with his brown big eyes.

"When is papa coming home?" I almost feel my heart breaking because I know that he misses Harry when he is away just like I do. I miss Harry more for everyday and I just want him back home.

"In a week darling." I answer and he climbs up in to my bed and I hug him close to me because right now he is all I have here. I feel like half of my family is missing when Harry is away. I know that Harry will be back soon but I am always so scared that he will realize how fucked up I am and just leave. I know he never do that to me but I can't help but worry because that is what you do when you love someone. You worry because that shows them that you love them.

My biggest fear is Harry leaving.

I fall asleep together with James in my and Harry's big bed and I let my dreams get hunted by those curls that means the world to me.


I open the door to my bedroom and I have to stop myself from taking a picture of how adorable Louis looks when he sleeps beside James. I know I said to Louis that I would be home in a week but that was because I wanted to surprise him because I love him and I need to show him that.

I know I said things would be different and that we would have more time with each other, but it seems like right now we have less time with each other than before and I am scared that he will wake up one day and get tired of waiting for me to come home. I am scared he will realize that I am not worth this, that he will find someone who is better than me for him.

Sure I know there is so many people that deserves Louis more than me, but I am too selfish to let him go I can't let him go now when I have him.

He is my world... well he and James is my world now.

I put down my bag and walks over to the two sleeping boys and kiss Louis forehead hoping that I will wake him up because I know that if I don't do this now, then I never will and I need to do this because there is no other way.

"Louis, love wake up." I whisper and the small boy moves a little in his sleep but doesn't wake up, I smile because of how adorable he is and how much I love this dork.

I push a little on him and he finally open his eyes.

"Harry!" he says in surprised and hugs me close and I love the feeling of being close to him. I love the way he feels against me.

"Why are you here? You aren't supposed to be here until another week" He says and I look over at James who is still sleeping soundly beside us. He looks like an angel and I am so happy that I can call him my son.

"I can't stand being away from my family." I say and kisses Louis neck and feel my heart beating harder. I can't believe that I am going to do this.

"Hey Lou?" I whisper in to his ear and he mmhmms in response and I take a deep breath and open my eyes.

"Marry me?" I say and waits for his answer and I can almost feel how I stop breathing because I am so scared that he will stand up and walk away.



Okay... so I ended this... this is the last part... there will not be anymore.

I saw 5SOS two days ago and it was absolutely amazing!

thanks for reading and it was nice of you to take your time to read this crap

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