Chapter four

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Steve's POV
All of us walked down to the gym. I met up with Clint who was with the red haired girl Natasha.
"Hey Clint, what's going on?" I asked casually.
"Nothing just talking to Nat," he said nodding to the girl.
"I didn't even know she was in our gym class."
"She likes to hang out in the shadows."
I put on my gym uniform and headed out. Today we were playing dodgeball. We had two captains and of course I was one of them along with the nerdy kid Bruce. Sam, Clint, and Bucky were on my team. Bruce had Tony, the red haired girl, and the two foreign exchange students. The teacher blew the whistle and there was a mad panic as we all races to the center to grab a ball. I grabbed one and threw it at Bruce slamming it in is stomach and he walked off the court breathing heavily. Tony threw a ball at me and I stepped aside with ease. Clint nailed Loki in the face which meant that they were both out. I was in the game as Bucky and I stood side by side throwing balls at the other team. There was one person left on the other team that I didn't know. I bent down to grab a ball and when I stood back up a ball hit me in the gut. I looked to see the red haired girl whose name I remembered as Natasha. I hadn't seven her on the court until now. I walked off the court a little ashamed as I watched Natasha and the other guy demolish my team. I walked back into the locker room.
"I told you we should have picked her,"Clint said as we got dressed in our regular clothes.
I walked to class with the two foreign exchange students. I told them where everything was and how to get there.
"You are very helpful." Thor said but I brushed the compliment aside.
My next class was health. I took my seat and we watched a video about how to eat healthy. I fell asleep during the middle of it but thankfully Thor woke me up before the teacher saw me. I walked to my locker and when I opened it a note fell out.

Meet me in the lab before seventh period

It was sixth period now so I decided to go by the lab. Bruce was sitting in the corner with Tony.
"Hey Bruce I got your note," I said.
"Nows not really a good time Steve," He said.
"Ok I'll talk to you tomorrow then."
I left the lab. That was weird I haven't seen him look at me like that since he thought I broke his chemistry set. There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Natasha and Clint.
"Hey guys," I said.
"How did you like that dodgeball game." Natasha said.
"It was interesting."
"What never been on the losing side," she said with abut of a hiss.
"Not really." I said and Clint stepped in front of her.
"That's not why were here."
"And why are you here?"
"You need to have a party."
"Because these college girls are coming to visit and they will definitely go to your party."
"How do you know."
"Because they already said yes."
"What do you mean they already said yes."
"I kind of already made out invitations and a time and date."
"Seriously Clint what if I can't have this party."
"Then you'll be upsetting a lot of people."
"Alright fine I'll see what I can do," I said a little annoyed but I mean who could go wrong with a college girls at a party.

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