Chapter twenty-nine

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Sam's POV
"I would be happy to stay here with Steve alone," I said, "So that Clint and Natasha get to go to school too."
"That would be great if you would. I don't want Clint and Natasha to skip school anymore," Bucky said.
"I think that the three of us are going to get lunch. I'll leave you alone here with Steve," I said.
"Ok but be back before midnight."
"It's only five right now, how long do you think it takes me to eat."
"Oh I thought maybe you were just using that as a code word," Bucky said.
I rolled my eyes and headed out the door with Clint and Natasha. We each drove separately and got there at almost the same time. The food was good and so was the fact that I was just sitting there eating with my friends and not worrying about anyone or anything. Nowadays, I have to look after my little sister, work on my academics, and train for the Air Force. The last one is the most important to me. Ever since I was little I always wanted to fly but that didn't matter if I didn't get good grades. Then I would have no chance. We go some food for Bucky and Steve so they wouldn't have to worry about making something. I dropped it off at their house and returned home.

Bucky's POV

The food Sam brought was pretty good but Steve didn't eat much and that concerned me. I put the rest of the leftover food in the fridge.
"It's seven, do you want to go to bed?" I asked Steve.
"It's only seven," Steve said sounding like he was very tired.
"You had surgery and a lot of other stuff happen lately. It's going to take some time for you to get your strength back," I said.
"I guess your right, but it's still annoying."
"You have blankets down here and I'll go upstairs to sleep. So I don't get in your way and if you need me just text me or call me."
"Ok," Steve said already half asleep and I couldn't help but smile.
Steve's bed looked untouched and I felt bad taking it apart. I got comfortable and fell into a deep sleep. Late in the night there was a loud buzzing sound and I tried really hard to find out where it was coming from. I finally realized it was coming from my phone. I was going to turn it off but then I realized it was from Steve. I answered but I didn't hear anything. Maybe he didn't mean to call me. I wanted to go back to bed but something told me to go check on Steve. I walked down the stairs and Steve wasn't on the couch.
"Steve," I half yelled.
I looked around. There was a light coming from the bathroom. I didn't even knock, I just went right in. Steve was on the bathroom floor half unconscious.
"Steve, what happened?" I asked.
"I don't know I just felt sick so I came in here," He said.
"Did you puke?"
"Yeah, but I think I'm fine."
"Steve," I said concerned.
"No I'm serious I just think that my stomach wouldn't take the food."
"But you're sweating and you're all pale and you were half unconscious when I came in."
"That's what happens after you puke a couple times."
"A couple times?"
"Bucky I'm fine now, can you please just get me to the couch."
"Fine," I said.
I didn't want to argue with him. I knew he was some what right, and the doctor did say there would be side effects like this for a couple days. I helped him up and to the couch. I left a trash can and some water by the bed. I grabbed a wash cloth and put some cold water on it. I placed it on his head and dabbed it for a while and then I let him take over.
"I'm gonna go back to bed," I said feeling a wave of tiredness and dread knowing that I would have to get up at five o'clock in the morning.
"Ok," Steve said.
"Call me if anything else happens," I said heading up the stairs. I didn't bother with getting comfortable. I was so tired I just plopped down on my bed and fell asleep. The rest of the night I was undisturbed. Then my alarm clock woke me up. I dreaded going back to school but I knew I had to and the good thing is school would be out in a month. I got ready fast so I could check on Steve before I left. He was still asleep when I got downstairs. His water bottle was empty and thankfully so was the trash can. The color had returned to Steve's face and his fever was gone to. I kissed him on the forehead and walked outside to my car. Sam just got there when I was about to leave, he stopped to talk to me through car windows.
"How's Steve?" Sam asked me.
"Not good, he was puking last night but I think he's better today. I would take the food pretty light so he doesn't puke again," I said.
"And if anything bad happens call 911 and then call me," I said.
"You got it."
I drove off towards school. I got to school and immediately I had a bad day. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When I stepped through the doors to get inside the school I got punched in the face. Apparently two guys got in a fight right in front of the doors and I happened to be standing there when one of them threw the punch. His fist hit me in the eye and I spent the whole rest of first period in the nurses office. I had a black eye that was painful just to look at.

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