Chapter thirty-two

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Natasha's POV
I woke up in my bed next to Clint. He looked like he was still asleep so I climbed out of bed slowly and walked down to the kitchen. I was never the best at cooking but I could manage. I started making blueberry muffins when I heard an alarm go off upstairs. Then a rumbling sound came from upstairs, followed by the sound of loud footsteps.
"We're going to be late for school," Clint said halfway down the stairs.
He got to the bottom and looked at me like I was an idiot.
"Come on, did you not here me we gotta go," he said pulling my wrist.
"I hate to break it to yeah babe but today's Saturday," I said.
He let go of me and turned on his phone.
"Oh it is Saturday," He said.
"I know."
"Anyway how was your morning?" he asked.
"I'm cooking. Obviously my morning was pretty bad," I said sarcastically.
"Well why don't I help you out," Clint said grabbing some of the ingredients.
We eventually made blueberry muffins but some of them weren't quite as good as others.
"Should we go visit Steve and Bucky?" I asked.
"No they probably want some alone time. If you know what I mean," Clint said.
"Well too bad we're going anyway," I said.
"Ok, but if I walk in on something I'm blaming it on you," he said.
"That's fine with me."

Steve's POV

I heard a knock on the door.
"Bucky will you get the door," I yelled.
"Why don't you get the door I thought you wanted to challenge yourself," he yelled from upstairs.
I rolled my eyes and got up to answer the door. It was Clint and Natasha.
"Hey guys I didn't know you were coming," I said.
"We just decided to come over and see how you were doing. Where's Bucky?" Natasha said.
"He's in the shower," I said pointing upstairs.
"He's not going to come out naked is he," Clint asked.
"He hasn't yet but I can't make any promises. You guys can come in and sit on the couch if you want,"

Bucky's POV

I heard noises from the living room. Someone must be here. I should go see who it is. I got out of the shower and looked around for a towel but there wasn't one.
"Steve," I called from the bathroom.
"What?" I heard him yell back.
"Where did you put all the towels."
"They're in the washer."
"Well can you get me one."
"Why not."
"Because they're in the washer."
"You didn't put them all in the washer did you."
"Yes I did."
"Well find me a towel," I yelled.
Steve opened the door and threw a towel at my face.
"I thought you said they were all in the washer."
"Well I couldn't fit them all in one load."
"Who is here," I asked putting the towel around my waste.
"Clint and Natasha," he said.
"I didn't know they were coming."
"Neither did I."
Steve shut the door and went back to talking to Clint and Natasha. I opened the bathroom door and went upstairs to get some clothes. I put my clothes on quickly and walked back downstairs. They were talking about Steve's recovery and when he was going to start playing football again.
"He's not going to start playing football until he can successfully run in a straight line for more than thirty minutes," I said.
"Well than lets start working on that," Steve said.
"We will. Tomorrow I'm taking you out for a run and we'll see how long you last," I said.
"Sounds like you're taking him to bed instead of on a run," Clint said.
"Stop making things inappropriate," Natasha said.
"It fine and just so you know we don't do things like that. Well at least we haven't yet," Steve said.
"And I thought you were the innocent one," Clint said.
"I am."
"Well right then it sounded like you wanted to get it on with Bucky," Clint said easing his eyebrows.
"Well it's fine if he does," I said raising my eyebrows.
"It's wrong to have sex before marriage," Steve said.
"Dude trust me you won't be thinking about that after," Clint said with his eyes all over Natasha.
"Well there will be no after because it's not going to happen," Steve said.
"Why not?" I said and everyone stared at me, "I'm just asking."
"I just told you why," Steve said.
"That's a stupid reason," I said, "you and I both know that millions of people break that rule a day. You're making it seem like you don't like me that much."
"Bucky don't be ridiculous I love you and you know that," Steve said.
"But how much do you love me? We don't even sleep in the same bed," I said.
"Well than tonight we'll sleep together."
"Good," I said.
Clint and Natasha were looking back and forth between us.
"Well my work here is done. For now," Clint said, "you see what I did there Nat. I got them to sleep together."
"Yes honey I see what you did," Natasha said.
"Nat I think we should go now. There is a lot of awkward tension they need to resolve," Clint said.
"I agree." Natasha said.
As they were walking out I could see Natasha give Steve a wink but she didn't notice that I saw.

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