Chapter six

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Steve's POV
I was nervous that everyone was going to know that he kissed me but no one seemed to look in my direction. I went to the bathroom and I heard giggling coming from outside of my window. I decided to go check it out. I walked over to the window and saw to people outside with a camera. It was Bruce and Tony. They gave me kissy faces and ran away. I couldn't let them get away so I ran out side and chased after them. It wasn't that hard to catch up with them but it was hard to negotiate.
"Delete the video," I said getting angry.
"Why should I," Tony said with that stupid little smirk.
"Because I said so and usually when the person that is in the video wants you to delete it then you delete it," I said holing him up by his shirt.
"I'll delete it," he said, "If you make me and my friend popular."
"Deal," I said not worrying about the deal I'd just made.
He held up the screen so I could see him delete it and he scrolled through his camera roll to show me he didn't have another video or picture. I went back inside.
"Where did you go?" Natasha asked.
"To the bathroom," I said trying to sound less angry.
The night went on and we never went to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. Eventually everyone but Bucky was gone. He walked over to me.
"Where did you really go last night?" he asked.
"Bruce and Tony had a video of us kissing but don't worry I made them delete it."
"What did you have to do?"
"They wanted me to make them popular."
"That's not surprising," he said, "But I do feel like they would fit into the popular crowd pretty well."
"You kissed me last night," I said still shocked.
"Yes I did."
"Why do you think?" He said getting closer to me.
"I don't know."
"Did you like it," he asked with a trace of insecurity lingering in his voice.
"I don't know."
"Do you need a reminder to help you decide?"
"I guess," I said blushing.
I closed my eyes. His face was close to mine and I could feel his breath on my neck. His lips grazed mine and he finally kissed me. This time it was longer and the chill that ran down my back was stronger. He pulled back but we were still close.
"So did you like it?" He asked.
"Yes," I said.
The door opened and Bucky and I both jumped away from each other and tried to look normal.
"Good morning Steve." my mom said, "How did the party go?"
"It was good," I said smiling at her.
"I see that Bucky is still here."
"Sorry Mrs. Rogers, I should go." Bucky said grabbing his stuff and walking out of the door.
"This place is a mess Steve," my mom said."This place better be spotless by the end if the day."

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