Chapter thirty-three

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Thor's POV
Today I'm going out on a date with Jane and I'm really excited. Loki thinks I'm obsessing over it to much but I don't care what he thinks.
"Thor maybe you should rethink your date," Loki said.
"Your right, I'm going to change the whole thing right now," I said.
"I was just kidding brother, don't be so nervous about it your date will go fine."
"You really think so."
"No, I think the whole thing will burn down in flames but I was trying to be helpful."
"Thanks for the help," I said sarcastically.
"So what are you going to do on this date?" Loki asked.
"Well we're going to have dinner."
"That's it."
"Yeah, why?"
"Because girls don't want just dinner."
"Then what else do they want."
"Maybe you should add in a movie after your dinner or something that will get you two close."
"Dinner isn't close enough."
"You're sitting at opposite ends of the table and having awkward small talk in between bites. No dinner is not close enough."
"And why do you think she wants to be close?"
"Because on dates women like it when they feel protected and they love those stupid romantic things that you see on Tumblr."
"What is Tumblr?" I asked.
"For gods sake brother. You need to get more into social media."
"So what should I do?" I asked.
"Pick a movie. A sad movie is always good because when she cries you'll be there to comfort her and girls love that. A scary movie would be good to because you can comfort her when she is scared and they love that too."
"You seem to know everything about women," I said sarcastically.
"Do you want this date to go well or not?"
"Of course I want it to go well."
"Then do as I say. Pick a movie, scary or chick flick."
"Scary," I said not wanting to watch a chick flick.
"Roses or chocolate?" Loki asked.
"Dimmed lights or not when eating?"
"Dimmed lights or off when watching movie."
"Dimmed," I said.
"Ok then all you got to do is go to the store buy some chocolate and a scary movie. Then come back here and wing the rest of it," Loki said.
"Ok. I can do that."
The store was crowded but I managed to get there and back in less than an hour. I got milk chocolate since that is the standard and I didn't want to get to fancy with it. I set the table and made it look quite elegant for the evening. Then I put a blanket on the couch in case it got cold. Then I started preparing the food for the night. We are going to have steak with a side of green beans and mashed potatoes. I also made some bread to go along with it. I had Loki go downstairs for the rest of the evening and then the doorbell rang. I fixed my hair and opened the door. She look so beautiful I could hardly say anything.
"You look wonderful," I said.
"Thank you. You look lovely as well."
"Please come in," I said gesturing with my hands.
"What a lovely set up," She said when she looked at the table.
"Thank you," I said pulling out her chair for her.
"You're being quite a gentleman," she said with a smile on her face.
"Well you don't deserve anything less. I hope you're okay with the food."
"Yes it looks great. Did you make it yourself?"
The lights flickered a little.
"Do they always do that?" Jane asked me.
"No, I don't know why it did that."
The lights went out.
"I guess the power went out," I said a little saddened that my perfectness was ruined.
"Why, the sky is clear tonight."
"I don't know maybe some sort of electric problem. I'll go get some candles," I said getting up.
I lit some candles and the place seemed to be bright enough. Loki came up for a couple candles and normally I would have gotten mad at him for interrupting but this is an exception.
"Sorry about the power outage," I said sitting back down at the table.
"It's fine. There's nothing you could have done to stop it"
"Well we were going to watch a movie after dinner but seeing that the power went out I guess we can't watch it."
"We can just do something else."
"Like?" I asked.
"I don't know play a bored game."
"I guess I have a couple in the living room."
"Then that's what we'll do."

Steve's POV

"It's super dark," I said.
"Well it's not my fault you don't own any candles," Bucky said.
"I have flashlights."
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier."
"You were too busy looking for a candle."
"Where are they."
"In a drawer in the kitchen."
Bucky got up off the couch to go look.
"I found them."
"How many are there?" I asked.
"I think six."
"Perfect bring them all back in here."
"I'll set them around the house to make it brighter."
The flashlights were evenly placed making the room look dim but still lit.
I yawned and stretched out on the couch.
"You're tired already?" Bucky asked.
"Yeah why."
"I don't know it's only seven o'clock."
"Well if you haven't forgotten I get more tired since I'm kind of injured."
"Kind of?" Bucky asked me.
"Yeah. I'm not that injured and I've had time to recover from my injuries so I see myself being the same again soon."
"Me too."
"I'm glad that all this hospital crap is over."
"It is as long as you don't go off and do something stupid," Bucky said.
"Please," he said laughing, "you'll take all the stupid with you."
"Well you're playing football next season and that's pretty dangerous."
"Don't worry Bucky I'm going to be fine."
"I know but I can't help but worry."
"Why don't we just go to bed."
"Ok, I'll grab the flashlights," I said.
I walked upstairs with Bucky. Then set up a couple flashlights but not all of them otherwise it would be to bright. Bucky and I got into our pajamas which are actually just our boxers and we got into bed. We laid close to each other but Bucky didn't wrap his arms around me until a couple minutes went by. I was warm and comfortable so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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