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Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fan Fiction by Ilovetoreadandwrite
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Katie
What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? If so how will she respond? How long will it t...
Clintasha 5v1 by BeccaBartonRomanoff
Clintasha 5v1by BeccaBartonRomanoff
5 times the avengers suspected Nat and Clint were more than friends, plus one time they found out the truth. This is my first fanfic so please review and like! I am comp...
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Daughter) by xxCharlieSPN
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Belle Jean Smith
Marvel Avengers Oneshot ish ^^Okay so nope, this turned into a story. Natasha goes radio silent during a mission, and no one on the team has any idea what happened. Tony...
Avengers Chatroom by Fictionlover99
Avengers Chatroomby Fictionlover99
A peek into the insanity that is The Avengers tower
Clint and Gretal by sillycaro
Clint and Gretalby sillycaro
Clint Barton is actually Hansel. When Gretal turns up at the Avengers tower his world is flipped upside down. With Gretal falling in love with a team mate and witches at...
Field Trip Mishap by Starshine626796
Field Trip Mishapby Starshine626796
Peter Parker is Spiderman and a friend of the advengers. What happens when he goes on a field trip to the home of his second family for a school field trip?
Peter & Bucky Are Pals by Nzinghaabrams6556
Peter & Bucky Are Palsby @Blatantlystupid
This isn't mine and its by Aprilmallick, DJ_unicornsrgr8 and I don't take credit for their work i just think they did an amazing job
You're the guy my dad never shut up about? | S. Rogers [1] by -mxrlin
You're the guy my dad never shut Roonil Wazlib
"Why aren't you worshipping me, mortal?" "Not interested. Thanks" ------------ Superpowers acquired after a horri...
Marvel Ships by _Marvelholic_
Marvel Shipsby ✧。:*゚゚・ 𝑩.𝑺. ✧
Here is an overview of all marvel ships. Frequent, but also unexpected and absolutely strange ships, invented by Marvel fans. Slash, het, familyships, friendships, ... W...
includes: -Tony Stark -Steve Rogers -Clint Barton -Bucky Barnes -Bruce Banner -Pietro Maximoff -Sam Wilson -Loki -Thor -Vision
You Know Who I Am - Tony Stark X reader by ChloeMarsden8
You Know Who I Am - Tony Stark X -superwholocked-
By chance you happen to meet THE Tony Stark outside Starbucks and pretty soon after you get offered a job, working at Stark tower for Tony, and the rest of the avengers...
Avengers in a Chatroom! by 8JustEnjoyLife8
Avengers in a Chatroom!by Jane
What happens when all of the Avengers talk on a chat web site? Laughs, drama, fighting, evil laughter, and fun is in store!
Adopted By Stony by HarrietSwan98
Adopted By Stonyby Harriet_Swan
A Little Two Year Old Girl wonders the streets of New York looking for a friend and one night she finds one. A Genius, Billionaire, Play boy, Philanthropist, Iron Man, y...
The Recruit (Percy Jackson Avengers Crossover) by FlyingPuppy101
The Recruit (Percy Jackson Natalie
During the Giant War, Percy defeats Gaea, but loses everything important to him. The Olympian Council decides that Percy must join a group called the Avengers. When Dire...
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshots by hiddlestonnhemsworth
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshotsby Winter loves Tony
A mess of things you've definitely never seen before. I promise you that. [oneshots, requests always open] {NO STARKER WHAT SO EVER I SWEAR-}
Avengers / Spiderman one-shots by SiamJetJaz
Avengers / Spiderman one-shotsby Karma_siam
Hello I have recently got into reading Avengers fanfic (Mainly Irondad and Spiderson) so I decided to do my own. Requests are welcome. Sorry for the crap cover. Only To...
We're Not Dead Yet (Split Souls part 2) by MarshmalowMilkshake
We're Not Dead Yet (Split Souls Kae Shipper
Part 2 in the Split Souls series. Check out part 1, Before I Die, first! With the new prophecy issued, the Avengers, demigods and gods have another trial on their hands...
Spiderman/Avengers oneshots by whateverittakes827
Spiderman/Avengers oneshotsby EB
Peter is Tony's kid unless otherwise stated. Taking requests. Characters are from SpiderMan Homecoming! Don't own any of the characters. PETER WILL NOT AT ANY POINT BE D...
Peter Parker one-shots. by P3t3rP4rk00r
Peter Parker PeterPark00r
Just different stories of Peter Parker with the Avengers. A few ships like Stucky, Stony, Pepperony, Clintasha, and much more. NO STARKER! English is not my first lang...
SUPREMACY / P. MAXIMOFFby ˗ˏˋ lil m ˎˊ˗
su·prem·a·cy /so͞oˈpreməsē/ noun the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. "the supremacy of the king" synonyms: a...