chapter thirty-five

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Clint's POV
Something has been off ever since that guy broke into Nat's house and tried to kill her. I guess I can understand that though, I know she went through a lot that day. She's been really distant lately and I barely have time to see her. I invited her over to my house today but she said she was busy. I wouldn't be so worried if she told me what she was doing. Sometimes I suspect the worse but I know Nat would never do that to me. I miss her smile and everything about her. It makes me sad to think I can't see her for a while.

Natasha's POV

I felt really bad for turning Clint down today but I had practice. I think that he doesn't trust me anymore but I know that Clint would never loose faith in me. Especially since we have been through so much together. I stood there punching the punching bag and thinking about my future. Mostly about Clint and I. When a few hours had passed I stopped and I looked at my hands. My knuckles were bloody and bruised. I didn't realize how long I was punching. I went to grab my bag on the bench and when I got there I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. A spider. I didn't know what kind it was but it definitely wasn't a normal spider.

Tony's POV

"Dad!" I said in a shocked expression. I didn't expect him to be back until after work.
"I can explain all of this," He said.
"Well you've got a lot of explaining to do then," I said.
"I can't explain it right now."
"But you just said that you would."
"No I said that I can explain all of this."
"And that usually implies telling me right after."
"Well I'm already late for work so I don't have time for this right now."
"But this should be something you should explain right away."
"Well you're just going to have to wait till later because I don't have time," He said walking up the stairs and slamming the door shut behind him.
"What the fuck," I shouted a couple seconds later.
I stared at the inventions in awe. They were all beautifully designed and put together. Did my dad do all of this? Does he really work for this company called shield? I had so many questions and my dad couldn't answer one because he left me right when I needed him most. The clock chimed and it said eight.
"Shit," I said, "I'm going to be late."
I ran up the stairs but before I shut the door I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I almost stopped to look but I didn't have time I needed to go to school and tell Bruce about all of this.
"Bruce!" I yelled when I got to school. I ran up to his side.
"How are you?" He asked.
"I don't know," I said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked
"I just found out something today."
"About what?"
"My dad and his job."
"Oh so you found out that he works for some type of government agency."
"How'd you know."
"But you didn't know for sure."
"No, not from the rumors but I knew for sure when I hacked your dads computer and found out about some company called shield."
"You hacked my dads computer."
"Of course I did."
"I'm not sure but I believe I was ten."
"You've known for six years."
"If I say no will you be less distressed."
"No!" I yelled.
"Well then yes, I have known for six years," Bruce said quite pleased with himself.
"And you didn't tell me."
"I was told not to."
"By who?" I said really starting to get annoyed.
"Mr. Fury," He said.
"Our principal?" I asked confused.
"Yes sir that's the one."
"Why would he be involved with this."
"Don't look at me. I was told nothing important," Bruce said.
The bell rang in the background.
"Look Tony I have to go to class. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it's nothing," Bruce said as he walked to class.
Nothing, I thought to myself. How in a million years could this be nothing.

Bruce's POV

I knew I should've told Tony about his dad but I couldn't. I wasn't going to risk my life just so he could find out that his dad works for some weird company. I wonder if Tony's life is in danger now that he knows? I highly doubt that they will kill their inventors son, I told myself so I could stay calm. I know I acted like it didn't bother me but finding that out was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced. Not hacking into the server. That was fine, but then a bunch of agents came to my house and that was the scary part. I meant well so they let me go but I've always had a strange feeling about it. Especially since our principal is involved with it in some way. The warning bell rang and I raced to class. Thankfully I made it on time but I was really never there. My thoughts were on Tony's father and a company called shield. I couldn't concentrate. I needed more information. I decided to skip my next period and go to the schools library. I went to the very back corner computer that could barely be seen and I typed in shield. Of course most of the things that came up were shields as in something a knight would use, but there was one website that when I clicked on it, it was blocked. I did a little of my Bruce magic and unblocked the website. Most of it was just facts about the company, which isn't really a company, it's more like an organization or a branch of defense. The weird thing is that I've never heard of it before. Why keep it a secret when it's a branch of defense, like the navy or the coast guard. The bell rang and I decided I would do more investigating when I got home since I probably shouldn't skip two periods in a row or my parents will get suspicious. From what I have found, shield doesn't look to bad. Except for the fact that everything about them is behind fifteen thousand firewalls.
"I can't believe you Banner!" Steve said as he came up to my side from behind.
"What?" I asked confused.
"You skipped last period. What kind of person are you Bruce."
"So you missed like a month of school."
"I was in the hospital," He said defensively.
"Excuses excuses," I said sarcastically.
"What were you doing anyway. Hooking up with some chick in the bathroom?"
"What? No!"
"Then what were you doing?"
"I was doing some research for Tony."
"Oh," He said a little disappointed but I could tell he was less worried then before. Steve always worried about people, especially Bucky. Which interestingly I haven't seen Bucky all day.
"Where's Bucky?" I asked.
"At home," Steve said.
"He's sick."
"The tables have turned," I said.
"Yeah I like it a lot better this way."
"When you say home do you mean his or yours."
"Mine," Steve said a little bit to enthusiastically.
"Doing the dirty work now aren't you."
Steve lightly punched my shoulder.
"You really think I would do that. The bible says not to have sex until after marriage," He said
"It also says not to be gay," I said maybe a little to harshly because his face saddened a bit.
"Yeah," He said with his face looking at the ground.
"It's not a bad thing," I told him, putting my arm around his shoulder, "We would never care about your sexuality and neither would God because God always forgives the ones who believe in him," I said.
"I know," He said lifting his face up so it wasn't pointing towards the ground.
"You should probably get to your next class," I told him.
Steve walked to his next class and I went to my locker. The warning bell rang but I didn't rush. I wasn't late to class, which surprised me. I actually wanted to be late today. For some reason I just really did not want to learn and all it is is quantum physics and I already know everything about that. I would much rather be helping tony with this investigation. It's not like I'm going to tell him anything I know though. I love Tony but sometimes keeping him out of the loop is the best thing to do. He will find out everything eventually when his father explains it and hopefully he'll tell me too. I had this class with Natasha and she caught me staring off into the distance. I felt a paper ball hit the back of my head. I immediately turned around and saw Natasha with her all but innocent smile. I picked up the piece of paper from the ground and read it. Actually it didn't say anything, it just had a strange hourglass thing on it. I turned back around and gave her a puzzled look. All she did was shrug. I would have kept up my silent conversation but the teacher told me to turn around and pay attention. When class was over I went to talk to Natasha.
"What's up with the drawing?" I asked her.
"Oh nothing, just some symbol I saw somewhere."
"Why did you throw it at the back of my head?"
"You looked like you were constipated."
"So you threw a piece of paper at me."
"I love the thought but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't help if I was constipated."
"I know my ways," She said as she walked towards her locker.
I watch as all the boys stare at her as she walks by. It makes me kind of mad that they look at her like that. The only one who should be able to look at her like that is Clint. I never really liked Natasha but I do know that she is a very pretty girl that has a lot of independence and strength. That's why Clint and Natasha go so well together. The final bell rang at school and I started heading out the building when our principal, Nick Fury, put his hands in front of me blacking my exit.
"Why don't you join me in my office," He said.
"Ok," I said hesitantly.
I don't think I did anything wrong. Maybe one of my friends did something and they wanted to asked me about it. Maybe one of my friends was hurt or dead. I really didn't hope it was the last one but when you walk into the principals office you better be prepared for anything.

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