Chapter twenty-five

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Tony's POV
School was boring, Bruce and I were the only ones there. Sure there were other people but not people from our group, they were all at the hospital with Steve. I would have stayed at the hospital but my dad said I needed to go to school. Sometimes I wish he would just die. He doesn't understand that I want to be there for my friend in his time of need. All he cares about is grades and science and all he does is sit in his basement and who knows what he does down there. He has never let me go down there before. My mom thinks he is a mass murderer and that that's where he hides his bodies but I'm smarter than that, and one day I'm going to find out what he does. Tonight I'm going to sneak into my dads basement and see what he's up to. After school I went through with my plans. I grabbed cameras and when dad wasn't downstairs I snuck down there and placed the cameras at many different angles. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I froze. Then I came to my senses and hid. I realized that there was more than one person coming down the stairs. My dad got to the bottom of the stairs and he was with another guy. He had wires in his ears and sunglasses on. Like a secret agent. I couldn't hear what they were saying but that didn't matter. The cameras were recording the whole thing I could enhance the voices later. My dad showed him some stuff. Most of the stuff I had never seen before in my life. After my dad was done talking they shook hands and the other guy left and my dad walked him up the stairs. I ran up the stairs leaving the cameras behind so they could get some more footage and I got to my room before anyone even noticed I was gone.

Clint's POV

About thirty minutes after we got to Steve's room I noticed something. Steve and Bucky kept looking at each other weird. I knew that look, it was the look and I mean like THE look. I turned to Natasha.
"Hey Natasha, why don't we go to the cafeteria and buy all of us some food," I said.
"Why?" She asked.
"Because I said so," I said nodding my head in the direction of Steve and Bucky.
"Oh, yeah sure I think that would be a great idea," she said playing along.
We walked outside and once we were outside Natasha stopped.
"Do you think they're gonna do it?" She asked more excited than she probably should be.
"In a hospital I doubt it and you know how Steve is," I said.
"Yeah but they were making out when we came in there."
"Ok they will probably make out but I don't think they're gonna do it. It's a hospital."
"So, we did it in a hospital once."
"You always gotta bring up Budapest don't you. Come on let's go get their food."
We took a long time getting the food and coming back. I wanted to give them time to be alone and I certainly didn't want to walk in on anything. Thankfully we didn't walk in on anything but you could tell something happened. Their hair was all ruffled and they were breathing a bit to heavily. I ignored everything because they looked embarrassed. Normally I would have made a joke but now didn't seem like the time. We all are together except for Thor and Loki, they went out to get their own food. Natasha left to go throw all of our stuff away. I rolled my chair to the side of Steve's bed.
"So what did you guys do while we were gone?" I asked.
"Oh nothing much," Bucky said slyly.
"Oh really, then why was your hair ruffled up and why were you breathing heavily," I asked.
"We may or may not have kissed," Steve said.
"Passionately kissed I assume," I said.
"Yes," Bucky said with a smirk and eyes roaming all over Steve.
"And what else?" I asked.
"That's it," Steve said.
"Oh come on, you and I both know a guy can't get that turned on from just kissing," I said.
"You can believe whatever you want to believe but in not telling you anything else that happened," Bucky said.
There was a knock on the door.
"Who is that?" I asked.
"I don't know, maybe it's Natasha," Bucky said.
"Natasha wouldn't knock," Steve said.
"And neither would the doctor," I said.
"I'll answer it," Bucky said getting out of the bed.
He walked to the door and opened it. It was Sam. He had flowers in his hands and he stood tall and confident while he walked in.
"What are you doing back her?" Bucky asked.
"The same thing you two are doing here," Sam said, "I brought some flowers." he said putting them on the table next to Steve's bed. "I know I overreacted to the whole thing but would you please give me another chance. I already told you guys I don't care about your sexuality. The people at school aren't as fun as you guys are.," Sam said.
We all looked at each other.
"Give us a minute to decide," I said walking into a small little group and congregating with the other two.
"Should we let him back in?" I whispered.
"I think we should give him another chance," Steve said.
"It sounds like he really doesn't care about you guys and he just wants to be friends again," I said.
"Alright fine you can let him back in but if he does anything and I mean anything then he's out." Bucky said.
"You got it," I said.
"Congratulations you're back in the group but don't do anything stupid or you'll get kicked out again," Steve said.

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