Chapter twenty-seven

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Steve's POV
When I woke up Sam and Bucky were talking. I was very surprised that they were. The doctor came in with a packet of papers in his hands.
"We are going to discharge Steve," the doctor said, "I need him to sign a couple papers first though."
"I'd be glad to," I said smiling for the first time in awhile.
The doctor handed me a stack of papers and I signed my name so many times I lost count. I didn't get to walk but I guess that's a good thing since I just had surgery and I still have my casts on. Bucky pushed me down the hall in my wheelchair and everyone else wasn't far behind. I got in Bucky's car and we drove to my house. Everyone else drove separately and met up again at the house. Bucky helped me to the couch and I sat down. Everyone else came within a few minutes.
"So I have to go back to school tomorrow," Bucky said, "But Clint, Natasha, and Sam are going to stay with you."
"Ok," I said trying to hide the sadness in my voice. I understood that he had to go back and I'm sure he didn't want to but it hit me hard that he wasn't going to be here almost all day. As much as I didn't want to admit it, I needed him. He took care of me and could actually tell when I was lying. I guess I can survive until he gets home every day.
"You can call me if something's not right and I'll be here as soon as I can," Bucky said.
Bucky's good at telling when I'm hiding something and somehow he fixes the problem without addressing it. Maybe that's why I love him so much.
"Steve," Bucky said snapping me out of my day dream.
"What?" I said a little startled.
"Are you sure you ok with me going tomorrow."
"Yeah, of course."
"Ok, Then I'm going to leave so I can get some stuff ready to go back to school but they'll still be here in case you need anything," Bucky said.
Bucky grabbed his stuff and headed out the door. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes. I was tired but I didn't know why, I had barely done anything today. I felt a blanket slide on top of me. I was halfway asleep and then I finally drifted off into my dreams (which were about Bucky by the way).

Thor's POV

"Loki," I called from the upstairs bedroom.
"What do you want now?" He yelled back.
"Did you here the news about Steve."
"Obviously not."
"Well he got discharged and he's staying at home now with Clint, Natasha, and Sam."
"What about Bucky?" Loki asked.
"Bucky's coming back to school so he doesn't get sent to summer school."
"He's been out for a long time," Loki yelled.
"Yeah it's a good thing Banner did all his homework."
"Did he really do all his homework?"
"Of course he did Banner loves homework," I yelled.
We mostly communicate by yelling at each other but sometimes we actually talk face to face. I went and got some coffee even though it was four in the afternoon. Loki was downstairs doing his social studies project with his partner. Mom and dad were out of the house, making me in charge. I drank my coffee and jumped onto my bed. I laid there and thought about Jane. Maybe I should take her on a date. She seems like the type of person to like dates.
"You have a visitor," Loki said.
"Who?" I asked.
"Why don't you just come and see," Loki said walking down the stairs and I followed him.
"Jane!" I said as I got to the door.
"Yeah, sorry to drop in like this but I wanted to know how your friend is doing," she said.
"Um yeah sure, come in and make yourself comfortable," I said a little too awkwardly.
"I hate to be a burden I just want to know how he's doing."
"You're not I burden and he's doing fine. They discharged him from the hospital today and know he's at home resting."
"That's great, I got kind of worried when you guys didn't come around as much," she said.
"Yeah well since we have this stupid foreign exchange student thing, we can only miss a certain number of days unless we're really sick," I said.
"So where did you come from?" She asked.
"A place very far away but yet travel to here takes only seconds."
"So you live in a weird universe," she said sarcastically.
"Something like that," I said laughing but she has no idea how close she really is.

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