Chapter seven

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Natasha's POV
Last night was weird, I expected Bucky to kiss me. That means that he had to of kissed one of the guys. I don't know what to say if Clint or someone from last night asks me if he kissed me. Does he want to keep it a secret. It was a lot of pressure on me but I'm good with secrets. I waited till school and then I confronted Bucky.
"What do you want me to say?" I asked.
"What are you talking about?" he asked confused.
"Last night, you kissed a guy and not me."
"Yeah," he said as if it was obvious.
"If someone from last night asks me if you kissed me then what do you want me to say?"
"Tell them the truth."
"But then they'll know that you kissed a guy."
"So what, I don't even care if anyone knows anymore."
"You mean you're actually gay."
I turned around to walk away. I didn't really care that he was gay but it surprised me. He grabbed my arm before I got to far.
"Actually I do care. If someone asks just say I kissed you and let's just keep this on the down low ok," He said with fear in his eyes.
I nodded my head and walked off. I know a lot of secrets but this one definitely topped them all. I was so deep in thought that I forgot to look where I was going. I ran into Clint.
"Hey Nat, watch where your going,0 he said.
"Sorry," I said flustered.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, why would you ask?"
"I don't know you just seem a little distracted. Do you want to talk about it?" He asked worryingly.
"No no I'm fine I just was going through some study material in my head, I have a big test today."
"Oh ok."
Class was rough, we actually did have a test today and I'm totally sure that I flunked it. At lunch I sat at my usual place, alone in the corner table. Today for some reason Clint sat next to me.
"Hey," he said, "Is this seat taken?"
"All yours," I said gesturing for him to sit.
"What's wrong with you today?"
"What do you mean."
"Well earlier you said you were thinking about study material and I was just helping the teacher grade papers and you didn't do to hot."
"Exactly why I was thinking of study material, I was trying to do it last minute."
He seemed to go off the subject after that but I could tell that he was still worried. I didn't know why he was though, I mean he knows that I can handle myself. Lunch was good, Clint and I talked and laughed. I couldn't stop thinking about who Bucky kissed. Was it Sam, Steve, Or Clint. I doubted that it was Clint so I took him off the list. I did my research and I crossed Sam off the list too. Steve was at his locker and I went and stood next to it.
"Hey," Steve said.
"Bucky kissed you last night," I said but I kind of felt bad because he looked like he was about to choke when I said that.
"How do you know about that?" He asked looking very worried.
"I figured it out for myself."
He pulled me in closer and talked to me in a low hushed voice.
"You can't tell anyone," He said.
"Yes, he did kiss me last night and then again when you guys left and yes I kind of liked it."
"Kind of?" I asked with a bit of a laugh.
"It's complicated."
I gave him an exasperated look and walked away. School ended quickly after that and I headed home. Clint stopped by my place after school and we went up to my room to study.
"Hey," He said facing my attention.
"Yeah Clint," I said not taking my eyes off my history book.
"I can tell when your hiding something from me and I don't care what it is I just want to know."
"It's a secret."
"Can you tell me."
"It's not my secret to tell."
"But I can tell that you've been thinking about it all day."
"And I have been but that doesn't mean that it's bothering me, it just simply surprised me and I'm not going to tell you so you may as well give it up now."
He seemed to drop the conversation but I could tell he was still thinking about it.

Clint's POV

She is hiding something from me. I didn't want to press because I'm a nice guy but I still wanted to know. Maybe it's not that important and it's just some girly gossip or something. An image appeared in my mind of Nat sitting on a bed with other girls and they were gossiping. Yeah, that doesn't really seem like something Nat would do.
"Hey," Nat said snapping her fingers and pulling me back into the real world.
"Sorry," I said, "just got a little side tracked."
We studied all night. The next morning Natasha woke me up.
"Clint," She yelled.
"What, "I said groggily.
"You fell asleep at my house and we overslept," she said while hurriedly getting her stuff together.
"What time is it?" I asked while flying out of the bed.
"Oh shit, we gotta go."
We rushed to get to school not even bothering to change our clothes or do anything to our hair. I drove us to school and we finally got there by eight thirty. Nat got there just in time for her history test and I headed to Algebra. I had algebra with most of my friends but it was still pretty boring.
"Where were you this morning?" Steve asked me.
"I was at Nat's house and we overslept."
"You guys slept together?"
"No no not like that, I mean we slept in the  same bed but," I said trailing off.
"Did you guys do anything last night?"
"We studied."
"Studied?" He said questioningly while looking at my messed up hair.
"I mean we actually studied, it wasn't like a study date."
"But then you guys slept together."
"We both fell asleep when we were studying."
"But you were in the same bed."
"Steve stop asking me so many questions. Nothing happened last night between Nat and I."
"Ok," he said with a smirk and I knew this wasn't the end of the conversation.

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