Chapter eight

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Tony's POV
I sat at the popular table at lunch! I may have embarrassed myself a little bit but I think they liked me. The day went on like any other day except I did everything with popular people.
"Hey Tony," Steve said while walking up to me.
"Hey," I said.
"So how's being popular?"
"It's awesome."
"Good because everyone loves you and Bruce."
"I figured they would," I said casually even though I was shocked.
"Hey there's a football game tonight, want to come?" Steve asked.
"Sure and I'll tell Bruce so he can go too."
"Great see you later."
I had to admit it was a little strange having the most popular guy in school talk to me in such a normal way and invite me to something.
"Hey Bruce,"I said
"There's a football game tonight and Steve wants us to go."
"That sounds cool."
We went to class. The rest of the day felt so long, mostly because I wanted to go to the football game so badly. When I got home I put on my shirt that had our school emblem on it. I packed a couple sodas in a cooler and I went to pick up Bruce. We finally got to the game and I paid for the both of us. We took our seats in the bleachers. One of the football players came over to us and told us to follow him.
"You're popular now," The player said.
"Yeah so," I said.
"So you get to sit with us."
"But we're not football players."
"You don't have to be a football player to sit on the sidelines."
We followed the player to the sidelines and sat down on a bench next to other players. Steve, Sam, and Bucky were already out on the field so I didn't get to talk to them. I watched the game in awe as Steve threw the ball in the air and it came back down to land perfectly in Bucky's arms. We stood up to cheer as Bucky crossed the line into the end zone. By the third quarter we were winning by seven points. The other team scored a touchdown, making it a tie. We went into the fourth quarter and it was back and forth between each team but no one had scored a touchdown. Steve was in the pocket about ready to throw but something happened. Steve faked the pass and ran out of the pocket towards the end zone. He ran faster than anyone I've ever seen run before but right before he got into the end zone one of the other teams defenders smashed him to the ground. Both team members still lie on the field not moving. We all ran to them even the other teams members. The defender got up but Steve was still laying there. Bucky kneeled down next to him. The paramedics came running from behind the bleachers. Steve wavered in and out of consciousness while the paramedics strapped him to the stretcher and wheeled him to the ambulance. Bucky rode with him to the hospital and so did the coach.

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