Chapter nineteen

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Steve's POV
I was scared as hell when he mentioned the word surgery. Bucky's hand squeezed tighter around mine and I was thankful for the reassurance. The doctor came back with some morphine and my pain went away. He talked to me about the surgery but that didn't make me feel any better about it.
"The tests I just ran concludes that my diagnosis was right. You're going to have to have surgery," The doctor said.
"But I don't want to have surgery," I said.
"Yeah well a lot of people don't but they do anyway because it will save there life."
"Alright fine I'll get the surgery."
"Good I'll sign you up and I'll take you into the OR myself when the time comes."
I was admitted into the hospital and got my own little room. We called everyone to let them know what was going on.
"How come all the bad stuff has to happen to me?" I asked Bucky.
"Not everything bad happens to you," he said.
"This is my second time in the hospital in the past month."
"Well at least you don't live at the hospital."
Clint came in the room with Natasha and Tony. Bruce, Thor, and Loki were not far after. We all just sat there in the small hospital room waiting in silence. Bucky sat next to me holding my hand. Natasha sat in Clint's lap and rested her head on his shoulder. Thor and Loki were whispering in the corner of the room and Tony and Bruce were in there laptops doing some nerdy thing. I really didn't want surgery but right now it is my only option. Bucky got tired of holding my hand so he got in the bed with me. His head was on my chest. Every time I breathed it hurt but not because of Bucky. The pain got intolerable sometimes and I almost passed out. Bucky could tell something was wrong and he called the nurse and she got me some pain meds. I puked a couple more times and Bucky have me some mints. I finally had to go into surgery and they rolled my bed out as I waved bye to my friends. The OR was scary but the people were nice. Sometimes I thought that they were only nice because they were paid to be but now I know that they really do care and they are really nice. The anesthesiologist told me to count backwards from one hundred and I did but I only got to 95.

Bruce's POV

"Are we going to call Sam?" I asked
"No," Bucky said instantly.
"But he has every right to know what's going on with his friend."
"Steve is not his friend anymore."
"Well I think we should call him and see how he does and if he's a total dick we have Bucky punch him in the face again," Clint added.
"I really don't think my wrist would like me if I did that," Bucky said holding up his cast.
"Then we get someone else to punch him in the face," I said.
"Alright fine we'll call him and say that he's welcome to come over here but if he even starts to talk about that again I'm going to tell someone to punch him in the face," Bucky said.
"Ok I'll call him," I said getting out my phone and dialing Sam's number.
He answered and I told him what was going on. He said that he would be here as soon as he could. Tony and I were working on our science project and Bucky was pacing around like a mad man. Clint and Natasha looked pretty happy together but I don't remember them ever saying they were dating. Loki went off to who knows where and Thor's just sitting in his chair looking really bored. Bucky left the room and I went after him.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Far away from here," He said.
"I just can't take it anymore."
"But Steve needs you now more than ever, why would you leave him."
"It's not like I'm leaving him alone he has you guys."
"Yeah but we're not exactly what you are."
"And what am I?"
"He loves you can't you see that?" I said.
"He doesn't love me."
"We've all seen the way he looks at you and the way he acts around you, it's different when he's around us."
"That doesn't prove anything."
"Bucky, what if it was you who had to have surgery. Wouldn't you be devastated if you woke up and Steve wasn't there."
"Then get your ass back in that room and wait."
I walked back with Bucky. I felt kinda bad for yelling at him but it had to be done. I kept an eye on Bucky for the rest of the night. Sam came a couple hours later and apologized for everything he had done and said. Bucky had a hard time accepting his apology but he did. Sam was either a really good actor or very very sorry. He said that he had never cared about anyone's sexuality but he was afraid other people would hate them for it. After that the day was super boring and we all went down to the cafeteria before it closed to get some food. We all pretty much bought a stock pile of food that we could all share. Everyone else fell asleep around one in the morning but I stayed up a little while longer doing the project. Bucky stirred in his sleep which I'm guessing was from bad dreams. I felt bad for him and I wanted to help but right now I knew he didn't want my comfort, he wanted Steve's.

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