Chapter thirty-seven

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Steve's POV
When I arrived home I found Bucky lying in bed, snuggling up with a few stuffed animals and blankets. I knew I should've woken him up, so he could eat but he looked so cute I just couldn't. I carefully set my stuff down and laid down next to him.
"Steve?" He said sleepily.
"Sorry baby I didn't mean to wake you."
I guess he didn't really care because he just scooped me up in his big arms and brought me closer. Eventually, his warmth and the stillness dragged me into a deep sleep.

When I woke up I was alone in bed. I thought maybe he'd gotten sick again and went to the bathroom but no light shined through the bottom of the door. My curiosity made me get out of bed. The house lights were oddly dimmed and weird candles were placed around the house. On my way down the stairs I stepped on something. I went to pick it up and realized it was a rose petal. When I looked up I saw a trail of them leading to the kitchen. Bucky was sitting at the dinning room table that was beautifully set up.
"What's all this for?" I asked.
"It's for you," he said with a flirtatious smile.
"What's the occasion?" I asked my voice filled with curiosity.
"Does there have to be an occasion for me to be able to express my love?" He asked, "why don't you come join me."
"I'd love to."
The room was immaculate and giving off highly romantic vibes. Bucky had really outdone himself this time. The food was so amazing, I actually asked if he went out and bought it. After we finished our food he took me over to the living room and started playing a slow song.
"Would you like to dance?" He asked offering out his hand.
"Of course," I said accepting his hand, "but I must warn you, I've never danced before."
"Why not?"
"I guess I was just waiting for the right partner."
"Well now that you have that, I'll teach you the rest."
Bucky was a very good dancer and I was the complete opposite of that. Sometimes he was basically holding me up because I would fall over myself so many times. After a while of trying to dance and laughter, we just slowed it down and swayed gently while holding each other. It was getting late and we both knew it but we didn't care. We stood there for at least an hour swaying back and forth until Bucky picked me up and carried me up the stairs. When he put me down on the bed an overwhelming urge came over me to kiss him. I grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him down to my lips. I've never felt something so magical in my life. I didn't want to pull away it was so good. Bucky stopped the kiss only to take off his shirt and join me in bed. As soon as he got next to me our lips were together again. Everything in that moment just felt so amazing and I wanted to rip all of his clothes off but I knew we should take it slow. By the end of the night we were both sweaty and panting but we were fucking hot. We didn't even bother to put any of our clothes back on.

Thor's POV

"Jane?" I said and she looked up at me.
"Thor!" She said getting up quickly, "I'm so glad you came, I was worried you wouldn't."
"What are you doing in jail?"
"I know it seems bad but I really didn't mean for this to happen."
"Well I don't think anyone really intends to end up in jail."
"Okay well I was working on a project and I somehow got caught in this drug deal mess but I swear I didn't do anything," she said in a very believable tone.
"Okay look I'm going to get you out of here but I want to know how this project turned into a drug deal."
"My project is for the hospital and it's about how we can help drug addicts. I thought maybe if I could talk to an actual addict I could get a better feel for things. Of course, I was super safe and I didn't just go out on the streets and find one, I actually went to the rehab center to talk to a former addict. Turns out he wasn't a former addict and he used me to get out of the rehab center to get drugs."
I definitely believed her story so I went to find someone that could help me figure out how to get her out. I finally ran into this police officer who looked like he knew what he was doing.
"Excuse me sir, do you happen to know how I can get my friend out of here?" I asked.
"Depends on who it is."
"Jane Foster."
"Oh! I was actually just about to come and get her. She was only being held until her alibi could be checked out."
Jane looked like she was about to cry, even though she was just let out of jail.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"What do you think! I just let some guy use me to get drugs!" She said almost shouting.
"Look it's not that bad. It was an accident and those happen sometimes. The good thing is that you weren't charged."
"I know I just can't believe I was that stupid."
"If you are anything Jane, you are not stupid."
I drove her home and she told her parents she was on a date with me and that's why she was late. They seemed a little mad but it was definitely better than finding out she was in jail.

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