Chapter twenty

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Thor's POV
I was the first one to wake up. Looking around I noticed we all fell asleep in really awkward and strange positions. Then I noticed someone was missing. It was Bucky. I got up and looked around near where he was sleeping but I couldn't find him. I walked out of the room and Bucky was sitting on the ground against the wall.
"What are you doing out here?" I asked him.
"I couldn't sleep," He said obviously tired.
"Why did you come out here?"
"I kept wanting to fall asleep in the dark so I came out here."
"I thought you said you couldn't sleep."
"It's not that I can't fall asleep it's just what happens when I do."
"You have nightmares?" I asked.
"Why don't we go walk around this place it seems pretty interesting," I said.
I helped him to his feet and we went to talk to a nurse.
"Excuse me, but do you know when Steve Rodgers is going to be out of surgery?" I asked the lady at the desk.
"He finished his surgery a while ago but the doctors are watching him just to make sure there are no complications."
"Ok, thanks."
Bucky and I walked down the never ending hallways in the hospital. There was a lot to see in the hospital and a lot I wish I could have not seen. We stopped by the hospital gift shop and bought some stuff for Steve. Good thing it's Saturday or we would be missing school. We walked back to the room and everyone was awake. Clint and Natasha were still cuddling in the corner but they were awake. Loki was gone but I wasn't worried he always knew how to find his way back. A doctor came in and Bucky immediately got to his feet.
"Is he ok?" Bucky blurted out.
"He's fine but it's going to take him a while to recover. We're moving him to a different room so I need you guys to switch rooms," The doctor said.
"Is he in there?" Bucky blurted out again.
"No, but he will be shortly. He needs to spend about three to five days in the hospital before I can discharge him."
"Ok, what room?" I asked.
"I'll take you there," The doctor said starting to lead us to the room. It wasn't very far from where we were.
The doctor led us alone in the room and we all just sat down in silence again. About ten minutes later Steve came. There were doctors and nurses pushing his stretcher and placed it next to his bed. Then they lifted him up and put him on the bed. They hooked him up to a lot of stuff and then they just left. Steve was still asleep. Bucky sat right next to his bed and just stared at him. Then Bucky started crying and having a whole lot of emotional issues so we all just left him there. Jane, the girl I asked out, was in a lab coat doing some lab stuff. She said no when I asked her out and I didn't understand why but she did. I was so curious and so bored I went up to her and asked her.
"Hey Jane," I said.
"Thor, what are you doing here?" She asked me.
"My friend had to have surgery."
"Oh that's awful is he ok?"
"Yeah, he just has to stay here for a couple days."
"Oh well I'm glad he is ok."
"I just wanted to ask you why you said no."
"Oh well you live far away and next year you're going back so I didn't want this to end in heartbreak," she said.
"Oh well that makes since, but is there any chance you might change your mind."
"That depends."
"What you say and do."
"Oh really."
"Well I'll see what I can do," I said walking off.
Maybe she would go out with me.
"Stop dreaming," Loki said to me.
"What it could be a reality," I said.
"Are you kidding, a girl that pretty and you. No way."
"Are you saying I'm not good enough."
"Well sure you got the muscle and good looks but look at her. Shes in a lab coat. You need some brains too."
"I have brains."
"Yeah but not big enough for her standards," He said.
"You're the worst brother ever."
"Well since you only have one brother I am both the worst and the best."
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life."

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