Chapter twenty-eight

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Bucky's POV
School was just as boring as before. People asked me where I had been but I mostly ignored them. All I wanted to do is go home and see Steve. I handed in all my homework to all my classes and they gave me the notes I needed. Since it was a Thursday almost every teacher said I had a test tomorrow but they also asked if I wanted to push it back to Monday so I could study and of course I took up that opportunity. I guess some of my friends were there, but school was definitely different without Steve. People kept asking how he was doing and I said he was doing fine. Some people on the other hand asked me different questions like are you and Steve dating. When they asked that I didn't say a word I just stared at them in disbelief. Was it really that obvious, I mean come on Steve hasn't even been here for almost a month. I noticed that the school kind of fell apart without Steve. I noticed a banner on the ceiling that had a picture of the football team on it. Then there were two big holes in the middle where the quarterback and the best wide receiver go. I noticed Sam wasn't in there either, but I knew he's been to school except for yesterday and today. The bell rang in my ear at 9th period. Finally, school was over. When I got to Steve's house there were cars there. Too many cars to just be Sam, Clint, and Natasha. I found a parking spot but I had to walk a pretty good distance to get to the house. when I opened the door there were a lot of people inside. Steve was on the couch looking overwhelmed.
"What's going on?" I yelled.
"We're having a get well party for Steve," A girl said.
I looked at Steve he was sitting on the couch avoiding as many people as possible. He looked at me and I knew he didn't like this. I walked over to him.
"Where are Sam, clint, and Natasha?" I asked him.
"They had to kick some guy out because he was being a little to rough," Steve said.
"On you?" I asked concerned.
"No on some girl."
"Do you want them to stay?" I asked.
"Not really but how can I make them leave. They're just trying to help."
"I'll make them leave," I said.
I walked over to the stereo and turned off the music, with that almost everyone looked at me.
"Everybody get out!" I yelled in a very harsh manner.
"He's just jealous because he wants alone time with his boyfriend," someone said in the crowd.
"I am going to count to three and all of you better be out of this damn house."
"Yup he really wants to be alone with his bf," The same voice said again.
This time I stayed calm, I didn't scream or tell or anything. I just simply walked over to Steve and helped him to his feet.
"What are you doing?" Steve asked me.
"I'm going to kiss you," I said.
"No!" Steve said pulling away.
"What do you mean no."
"I'm going to kiss you," Steve said crashing his lips onto mine. All the people in the room disappeared in my mind. It was just me and Steve. We kissed passionately. I broke the kiss and looked at all the people staring at us.
"I don't want to be alone with my boyfriend because anything I want to do when I'm alone I can do in front of you," I said, "Now back to the main point. Get out of the house!" I yelled the second part.
Everyone slowly left and three people came back in.
"Everyone's gone," Sam said, "Thank god I was beginning to think we would have to kick them all out."
"I did your job for you," I said harshly.
"Sorry Bucky, we would have done it but then that guy was acting a little strange so we took him outside," Sam said.
"It's fine, they're gone now and that's all that matters," I said.
"Why did they think that overwhelming me with a whole bunch of people is going to help me get better?" Steve asked.
"I don't know they're stupid and they want to party," I said.
Steve sat back down on the couch and got comfortable. He looked so tired. I felt bad for him. Clint and Sam looked disappointed in themselves but I knew they had their own thing to deal with. Sam came over to me.
"I know we should have done a better job but you still have to go to school tomorrow," Sam said.
"I know, and I will I just need to be with him," I said.
"You know you just told the whole school that you and Steve are together."
"I know."
"You think you're ready to face that at school?" He asked.
"I know I am."
"You shouldn't have to face this alone. Do you want me to go with you to school tomorrow?" Sam asked me.
"No I don't."
"Do you want me to ask Clint?" Sam asked.
"I'm good," I said, "Tony, Bruce, Thor, and Loki are already at school and I need someone to watch Steve."
"And one person can't watch Steve."
"They'd be very lonely," I said.
"Why, they could talk to Steve."
"Steve sleeps every five minutes the only conversation you would get out of him is snoring."

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