Chapter three

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Bucky's POV
It was kind of strange that I didn't get to see Steve much for the rest of the day but I ignored it. We had football practice that night and Steve didn't pass the ball to me once. I told him that he could ride home with me instead of walking but he just said no and kept walking. I got home and I started to think about why he ignored me. I thought about the teacher calling him gay. That had to be it, boys don't like to be called gay when they're not. I wanted to still be friends though, I mean we barely talked after this morning. I got on my phone and someone had sent me a picture. It was from earlier today when I was holding Steve down. It looked like I was hugging him and a bunch of people had commented gay on it. Steve must be furious. I texted him but he never answered, he probably would never speak to me again. I heard a knock on the door I got up to answer it. It was Clint, one of Steve's friends.
"You're not gay are you?" he asked me while walking in and sitting on my couch.
"No," I said.
"Steve is pretty pissed about that picture."
"I figured he would be."
"You know he probably won't talk to you for a while."
"I figured that too."
"Ok good I was just checking to make sure you knew all of this and that you weren't gay."
"That's it."
"Also that picture will be gone by the end of the day. I'll have Tasha see what she can do about deleting it."
"Thank you," I told him as he left.
The rest of the day I did nothing but eat and sleep. I woke up dreading of what was going to happen at school today, I really did not want to be ignored by my best friend. Surprisingly he texted me when I got on the bus and we had a normal conversation like nothing ever happened. He walked with me to Mr.Johns class and even sat next to me.
"Look at that Mr.Gay is back with his boyfriend." Mr.Johns said.
"Sir with all do respect I am not gay and Bucky is just a friend," he said in his stern voice but no anger was detected.
"Oh really."
"Yes sir."
"You seem much more composed today."
"I don't care if you call me gay. I am not gay but I'm not homophobic and I support people who like the same gender."
"So you're gay," Mr. Johns said with a little laugh.
"No, I just said that I believe people should express themselves in their own way."
"Why did you change your mind about this over night."
"I didn't sir, I always have felt this way but yesterday it just hit me so hard when you said I was gay that I forgot everything that I believed in."
"I thought you were Christian."
"I am sir."
"God believes you should not like the same gender."
"Well sir, sometimes you just have to have your own opinions on things."
"Very well said Mr.Rodgers."
After class Steve introduced me to the new students Thor and Loki. They were very nice but for some reason Loki made me have a cold chill run down my back.

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