Chapter seventeen

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Natasha POV
We dropped Bucky off at Steve's house and then Clint drove me to my place.
"Are you coming in?" I asked Clint
"I can't Nat I'm supposed to be watching Bucky and Steve."
"This morning you promised to stay."
"I know but then I thought about it and I realized that I need to watch Bucky and Steve."
"They can take care of themselves for a while."
"You can come back with me if you want Nat but I'm not just going to leave Bucky and Steve like that."
"Well then I guess you don't want to see what I had in store for tonight."
"I do Nat but right now isn't a good time for our relationship."
"Ok," I said walking closer towards Clint, "I guess you really don't want to see what I had in store for us tonight." My hands slid up and down his body feeling every muscle he had. "That's ok with me Clint if you want to go but you can always stay," I said whispering in his ear. I turned my head and kissed him lightly as a tease. Then, I walked to my front door shutting it behind me. It wasn't long after that Clint came through the door.
"You're right Nat I think they can be alone for a little while," He said walking up towards me and then kissing me.
"Are you sure they can handle living without you," I said in between kisses.
"Yeah," Clint said picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the bedroom.

Bucky's POV

Steve was sleeping when I got back so I had to wake him up.
"Steve," I whispered shaking him.
"I thought you were going to turn on all of the loud buzzer things," Steve said.
"I figured I'd be nice to you today."
Steve sat up so he could talk to me.
"Where's Clint?" He asked.
"He went to drop Natasha of at her house," I said.
"When's he going to be back?"
"I don't know, probably in about 10 minutes." I said, "Why?"
"I was just wondering," Steve said coughing.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, I just have a cough."
"Are you sure it's just a cough."
"Yeah," He said coughing again.
"Are you sick?"
"I'm fine buck, just let me get up to go get some water," Steve said standing up with his crutches and starting to walk away. He stopped halfway to the kitchen.
"Buck," He said in a low voice.
"I don't feel so good."
I stood up and ran over to him. He looked pale and weak. I put my hand on his upper back and stomach to stabilize him.He was breathing heavy and sweating, which is unusual for him. He puked all down the front of me. I picked him up ignoring the pain in my wrist and put him on the couch.
"I'm sorry buck," he said.
"Why?" I asked.
"I just puked all over you."
Steve passed out after that. His head was hot on the back of my hand. I took off my puked covered shirt and threw it to the side. I got out my phone and called an ambulance. I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure this is bad. Then I called Clint but he didn't answer. The ambulance showed up about ten minutes later. The girl paramedic went over to Steve and the guy paramedic came over to me.
"What happened?" The paramedic asked me.
"I just got home and he was coughing and then he got up to go get a drink and he just stopped. Then he told me he wasn't feeling good so I came over to him and he was pale, sweating, and breathing very heavily. Then after a minute or two he puked on me and I put him down on the couch and he passed out," I said explaining everything.
"Are you ok?" He asked me.
"Yeah I'm fine."
"What are his previous injuries from."
"They're from football."
The paramedic turned to Steve and started helping his partner. They placed Steve on a stretcher and rolled him to the ambulance. Once his stretcher was all settled in they asked me if I wanted to go and of course I said yes.

Clint's POV

"I should really get going Nat," I said looking at the time.
"You're going to leave me already."
"Well Steve wasn't feeling good earlier and he didn't want to tell Bucky."
"So if he feels bad no one can help him because I'm not there."
"I'm sure Bucky will take good care of him."
"But he doesn't want to tell Bucky."
"I think he'll get over it if he really doesn't feel good."
"Well I should probably get going anyway."
"Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
I sat up in the bed and put my clothes on. I got in my car and drove to Steve's house. When I got there it was empty.
"Steve," I shouted.
"Bucky," I shouted again.
I pulled out my phone and called both of them but neither one of them answered.

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