Chapter twenty-three

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Natasha's POV
We all kind of got bored of sitting in the cafeteria, so people just split up and walked off to do something else. Clint and I were the only ones left.
"So what do you want to do?" Clint asked me.
"I don't know,"I said.
"Should we stay here?"
"No way, this place is boring."
"How about we go see how Steve is doing and then we go somewhere."
"Ok, sounds good to me."
We walked the halls together and argued over which way to go. We finally found his room but we were surprised that Bucky wasn't there.
"Where's Bucky?" I asked.
"He went to go get an x-Ray on his wrist," Steve said.
"Why?" I asked.
"It's been bothering him today so I asked the doctor if he could check it out."
"Oh, well how are you doing?" I asked.
"Good, the pain is come and go and I'm tired like all the time," Steve said.
"Then go to sleep."
"But it's four in the afternoon, I can't be tired. It must be a side effect."
"Your body has had a long night and is really tired so I don't think that it's just a side effect," I said.
"Alright fine I'll go to sleep, but I need to wait till Bucky gets back," Steve said.
We left Steve and saw Bucky in the hallway on the way out.
"Hey Bucky," Clint called.
"Hey Clint, what's up?0 Bucky called back
"Nothing, just talked to Steve."
"How is he."
"Good, but he's tired so make sure he gets some sleep."
"I will."
"What about you?" Clint said looking at his wrist.
"I broke it," Bucky said.
"I know I was there when you punched Sam in the face."
"No I mean I broke it again, in a different spot."
"Oh, I'm sorry dude."
"No it's fine, I just have to wear my cast longer."
"Alright well we've got to head out."
"You guys are leaving the hospital."
"Yeah but we're going to your house and my house so I can grab some stuff and bring it back."
"Oh, ok."
"Do you want me to bring anything specific back."
"Not really," Bucky said.
"Alright we'll be back in a couple minutes."
Clint and I walked outside and got in the car.
"You can drop me off at my house and I'll get some stuff together there," I said
"Ok, are you taking your car back?" Clint asked.
"I can."
"You don't have to."
"No I'm fine with that."
Clint dropped me off at my house and I got some stuff together. I grabbed some fun bored games and other things that we could do. Its Saturday so we will probably all skip school on Monday and go to the hospital. I got in my car and drove to the hospital. I went back into Steve's room and apparently I got back before Clint. I set the Box of stuff down on a chair in the room. Clint came in a couple minutes later and he had a lot more stuff than I did, but that's probably because he had Bucky and Steve's stuff too. Steve and Bucky were sleeping together in the bed. It was interesting to see two men cuddle together, but it was surprisingly cute. I yawned and sat down in the chair.
"I'm going to go see if we can get some cots and more chairs in here," Clint said.
I didn't know why I was so tired. Probably because I stayed up so late last night but still I was born to run off of little sleep. Clint came back and a lot of nurses followed him. All the nurses had chairs and cots for us to sleep on. They set up the cots trying to be as quiet as possible so they didn't wake Steve and Bucky. Once they got everything set up I laid down on one of the cots. Clint pulled a cot next to mine and draped his arms around me. We slept together until morning.

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