Chapter thirty

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Bucky's POV
People kept staring at me as I walked down the hallway. Sometimes I couldn't tell whether it was because of my eye or because I was gay. A man came up to me in the hallway.
"Hey what's up with your eye. You and your boyfriend have a disagreement," He said snickering.
"Actually no we didn't. I don't know if you've heard about what happened but Steve definitely did not do this," I said.
"You know that was supposed to be an insult."
"Yeah I know but some people choose to ignore things like that," I said walking to my next class.
More people like that talked to me a lot throughout the day but I just waved them off. My anger level never rose above normal and I was kind of proud of it. Clint laughed at me when he found out what happened.
"Dude what's Steve going to say?" Clint asked me.
"I don't know probably something about avoiding fights but how the hell was I supposed to know, its not like I can see through walls," I said.
"I know buddy, it's not your fault," Clint said, "But it's god damn hilarious."
"Will you shut up," I said punching him in the arm.
"Wait till I tell Natasha."
"I'm sure she already knows," I said.
"Ok ok I'm sorry," Clint said finishing laughing, "how's Steve?"
"He's good but he was a little sick last night."
"Isn't he always."
"I know right, every five seconds we're back in the hospital."
"Anyway, we should get to class I'll talk to you after school," Clint said.
I was happy that school was almost over. I wanted to see Steve. I wanted to make sure he was ok. The bell rang and I don't think I could have ran to my car any faster. The drive seemed to take forever but I knew it was only a couple minutes. The door was locked so I had to grab the key. Sam and Steve were sitting next to each other on the couch.
"Hey Bucky," Sam said, "You got here earlier than I thought."
"I wanted to make sure Steve was ok," I said.
"You know I would have called you if anything happened."
"I know I just get worried."
"I'm going to leave now but I'll be back tomorrow morning," Sam said, "And one more thing, what happened to your eye."
"It's a long story." I said.
"Fair enough."
I went and sat down next to Steve.
"So how was your day?" I asked Steve.
"Obviously not as exciting as yours," Steve said motioning to my eye.
"Its not what it looks like."
"It looks like you got in a fight."
"No no that's not at all what happened."
"Then explain it to me."
"I was walking inside and I pushed the front door of the school open and it just so happens that someone threw a punch right when I walked through the door."
"So you were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Steve said.
"Yes exactly."
"Go get yourself an ice pack, you look like a train hit you in the face."
"Haha very funny," I said getting up to grab an ice pack. "So how's your day been?" I asked Steve.
"Fine," he said.
"So no puking."
"Not yet."
"Are you hungry."
"Not really, are you?"
"Yeah, but I'll wait till your hungry so we can eat together."
"Did anyone have anything to say about us coming out," Steve asked me.
"No not really but of course there were a couple haters. Mostly girls."
"Why mostly girls."
"Because they can't stand the fact that all those times they tried to impress you, you never even saw them. Oh and remember those girls that came to the hospital."
"The ones who got a little touchy?" He asked laughing.
"How could I ever forget them?"
"They were so mad. Maybe if I told them that a gay guy was turned on to what a girl was doing to him they would have been a little happier."
"I'm very glad you didn't tell them that," Steve said blushing a little.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I don't want anyone touching me unless it's you." 
"Oh so now you're all mine."
"I always have been. You just never took a chance."
"I didn't want to risk our friendship."
"Even with the possibility of becoming more than just friends."
"I didn't know you were gay."
"Neither did I," Steve said starting to stand up off the couch.
"Sit down," I said.
"I don't want you getting hurt."
"You think I'm going to hurt myself by standing up."
"It's a possibility."
"I'm not that weak."
"You just had surgery," I said.
"I know but you have to stop babying me."
"I will once you get better."
"I can't get better if you don't let me do things like stand up."
"Fine then stand up. I'm going upstairs to change out of my school clothes," I said walking up the stairs.

Steve's POV

I didn't mean to yell at Bucky but I was glad he didn't yell at me. He was probably upstairs planning how to break up with me right now. Maybe I should go upstairs and talk to him. Tell him that I didn't mean anything that o said. Not that what I said was that harsh but still. I stood up to walk up to Bucky's room. It felt nice walking without a cast on my foot. The closer I got to the top of the stairs the harder it was to take another step. By the time I got to the top I almost passed out. I did pass out when I got to Bucky's room.

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