Chapter ten

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Thor's POV
I was in the hospital due to...circumstances and I almost flipped out when I saw people from school but I played along.
"Hey Thor, what are you doing here?" Bucky asked me.
"I fell and broke my wrist," I said holding up my cast. I smiled and hoped they didn't know I was lying. "What about you guys," I said changing the subject.
"Steve took a hard hit at the game and he was taken to the hospital," Bucky said
"Oh I'm so sorry," Loki said with no real hint of concern on his voice, "Is he ok?"
"We don't really know." Bucky said examining Loki's face,"What happened to you?"
"Someone punched me," he said while looking accusingly at me.
"Oh, so you were lying about falling," Sam said.
"Thanks a lot Loki," I said.
"You're very welcome," Loki answered back with a sly grin.
"You know I read somewhere that it wasn't nice to punch your brother," Tony said.
A doctor came over and handed Thor some papers.
"What are those for?" Clint asked.
"Discharge papers," I said.
I signed them and hopped up off the bed. I handed them to a nurse and she said he was free to go.
"You should stay," Bucky said.
"Why?" I asked confused.
"I don't know, we're going to get really bored."
"We can definitely help with that," Loki said.
We wandered the halls for a long time and sometimes got yelled at for being in a place we weren't supposed to be in.
We headed back to the ER and Bucky talked to Steve's doctor.

Bucky's POV

"Do you know when we can see him?" Bucky asked.
"You can see him now," he said with a bit of an eye roll.
"Yes, he's in room 254 and I'll come by later to tell you about his scans."
"Ok!" I said while hurrying off to his room excitedly.
We all headed to his room but it took us a while to find it.
"About time you guys got here," Steve said.
"We got a little lost," I said, "How's the head?"
"Still hurts," he said putting his hands on his temples.
"Anything else hurt?"
"Bucky relax I'm not going to die."
"I am relaxed I'm just asking a couple questions."
We all piled in and sat down on the chairs.
"Thor and Loki are here?" Steve asked somewhat confused.
"Yeah, we found them in the ER," Sam said.
Loki showed him his eye and Thor held up his cast. The doctor walked in the door and gave us a strange look but then walked over to Steve.
"I've looked over your scans and I've found a couple fractures and a concussion so it's a good thing that was the last game of the season."
"Will I be able to play next season?" He asked very concerned.
"Yes but I recommend you take it easy and have a friend look over you for the next couple days."
"Ok," he said sounding relieved.
"I'm just going to do some minor tests."
He shined a little light in Steve's eyes.
"What's your full name?" The doctor asked.
"Steven Grant Rodgers."
"What's his full name?" he said pointing to me.
"James Buchanon Barnes," Steve said a if it was easier than his own name.
The doctor looked at me and I shook my head yes, telling him that Steve was right.
"When's your birthday?"
"July, 4 1918."
"1918?" The doctor asked looking up from his chart.
"I mean 1999."
"Ok, you passed but make sure you get your dates right so you don't go around telling people your 90 years old."
"Yes sir."
"I'll get another doctor in here to put casts on your fractures."
Steve turned to look at us.
"I can't believe I forgot my birthday," He said embarrassed.
"But then you remembered right after," I said trying to cheer him up.
"To be honest I just did the math in my head."
"At least you can still do math," Loki said.
The other doctor came in and put a cast on his ankle and a wrap on his shoulder. She gave him a set of crutches and a wheelchair.
"Great," Steve said exasperated.
"You think this is bad for you," I said, "I'll be the one pushing."
"I'm not using that damn wheelchair."
"Why not?"
"Do you know how stupid it would be for me to roll around the school with you pushing."
"Do you want someone else to push."
"No I don't want to ride in it at all."
"Then use your crutches."
"I plan on it."

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