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Steve: Steve is the most popular guy in high school. His best friend is Bucky Barnes. Steve is the captain of the football team and Bucky is the wide receiver and usually his right hand man on and off the field.

Bucky: wide receiver for the football team. Most popular guy in schools best friend, adored by many girls. smart but not to smart and a little -scratch that- a lot socially awkward.

Natasha: A very mysterious girl who loves to play with the truth. An extremely loyal friend but there's truly only one way to describe her. Pretty as crystal, hard as ice, cross her once, And she'll break you twice. Also good friends with Clint.

Clint: A smart but very underestimated guy.President of the archery club and doesn't have many friends. Clint seems to have a spoken or unspoken alliance with steve.

Tony: A very very smart nerd who's best friends with Bruce. He is such a nerd and proud of it. Plus he is the king of sarcasm. Filthy rich.

Bruce: a very very smart nerd who is best friends with Tony. He is such a nerd and proud of it. Loves to rub it in Tony's face every year when he wins the science fair. Also known to have breathtaking anger issues.

Sam: Sam is also a wide receiver and is very good friends with Steve. His life long dream is to become a pilot and fly for the Air Force. Likes to impress girls by telling them he is best friends with Steve. People sometimes call him falcon because of his wanting to be in the Air Force... And also because he has been found on the roof of the school more than once.

Rumor has it That Bucky and Steve have mutual crushes.

Rumor has it that Natasha and Clint went on vacation together one is really sure what happened.

Rumor has it that there are going to be two new foreign exchange students.

Rumor has it Bruce nearly punched steve because he thought steve had broken his chemistry set.

Rumor has it Tony's dad is working for a secret government agency.

A/N: moyo25 helped me write this and she will be helping me write some of the rest. I will put her username at the end of any chapter she helped me write. Go check out her page!!!

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