Chapter thirty-six

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Bucky's POV
The day was not going to well. So far I've puked at least twenty times and I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the last of it. I liked it much better when Steve was the sick one, but I'm pretty sure Steve likes it better this way. I had to force him to go to school without me. He's so stubborn sometimes but most of the time he's just a little golden retriever puppy. I laughed thinking about Steve's innocence. He doesn't even let people cuss. Sometimes I feel like he was born in the wrong generation, although I could say the same for myself. At least I let people cuss. Don't get me wrong Steve is a very strong person and he definitely looks the part but to be honest he doesn't really take it to his advantage. I wish I could be like Steve. He has such a big heart and is such a gentleman, even when he shouldn't have to be. There's always been something keeping me away from being like that. I haven't been able to figure it out but Steve has always been better than me at everything. I wish I wasn't sick. I could be with him right now.

Thor's POV

My brother may be an idiot but
apparently he knows a lot about girls. Soon the whole school was talking about my date with Jane and girls were all over me. Unfortunately the girl that I wanted to be all over me wasn't. I searched the entire school and there was not one sign of Jane. She wasn't in any of her classes and all her friends said that they haven't heard from her today.
"Have you seen Jane," I asked my brother as he walked towards me.
"Not since your amazing date," he said with a smirk.
"No one has seen her."
"I'm sure she's fine Thor, don't get too worried about it."
"How am I not supposed to be worried. What if she was kidnapped?"
"I'm sure she's fine."
"If she's not I'm blaming this all on you," I half yelled to him since he started walking away, ignoring any sense that something was wrong. I'm sure my brother is right. She must be sick or something. My phone rang in my pocket, it was an unknown number so I ignored it. I went on with my day but I still couldn't shake the fact that I felt like something was wrong with her. I got another call from the same unknown number, this time I was curious, so I answered it. It was an automated message that basically proved my feelings were true. The message said,"We're sorry for the unconvinced, but we'd like for you to know that your friend Jane has been taken into custody."
This confused me. Taken into custody? He means like arrested right? For what? I had so many questions that would have to wait to be answered. If I left school now my brother would get suspicious and so would everyone else. I don't think she wants anyone to know, especially if her friends don't know. Or they were just lying to me to protect their friends secret. I waited for what seemed like years in the hell you people call school, and right when the bell rang I made a mad dash out to my car. Once the engine kicked on I was out of that parking lot in a flash. The jail was a massive building, that I'm sure held many dangerous people but it also held my Jane. What could she have possibly done to wind up in here? I went through multiple pat downs and metal detectors to get to the office. Which they then decided to make me sit and wait for two hours before they even talked to me.
"Sir what are you doing here?" A lady asks me.
"I'm looking for a girl," I said hesitantly.
"Looking like that I don't think you'll have a problem with that," she said jokingly but in the most serious tone it scared me.
"Her name is Jane," I continued.
"Right, I think I know the girl you are speaking of."
She then led me to a cell where a girl sat in the corner with her head down. At first I didn't recognize her but then I realized that it was in fact Jane.

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