Chapter tweleve

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Natasha POV
"Hey Natasha," Clint yelled to me from upstairs
"Yeah," I yelled back.
"Did you get any updates about Steve?"
"Yeah, they're letting him out of the hospital today."
"That's good news," he yelled.
My mom was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack and reading her book.
"Why is Clint here?" My mom asked me.
"He's helping me out."
"With what?"
"Homework and he's my friend mom there's no need to be worried."
"A mother will worry whether you like it or not."
I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs.
"Are you almost done?" I asked him when I got into my room.
"Haven't even started."
"What, why?"
"I'm not going to do your homework for you Nat."
"You did the other day when we were late to school."
"No I helped you, I didn't do it for you."
"So you'll help me."
"Of course."
"But your not going to do it for me."
"That's bullshit."
"Language Natasha," He said, "We talked about this remember."
I rolled my eyes and plopped down on the bed next to him. I groaned my homework from his hands and started to answer all the questions.
"I thought you needed help with your homework?" Clint asked confused.
"Maybe that was just an excuse," I said and I walked out of my room. I heard footsteps behind me when I was halfway down the stairs.
"Natasha." He half yelled half whispered.
"What?" I asked.
"What was that supposed to mean?"
"What was what supposed to mean?" I asked pretending as if I was confused.
"The thing about homework just being an excuse."
"Oh that," I said innocently.
"Yeah that."
"Look Clint I know you like me but I can't have a boyfriend."
"Why not?"
"Because I am a very independent person."
"So, I don't like other people being in my way."
"But I wouldn't be in the way. I would be pushing the other people out of your way."
"But I would do that myself."
"But with me you could do things twice as fast."
"You are right but there are still some things I am concerned about."
Clint stared at me with his eyes full of confusion and love. He pulled me closer and kissed me. He pulled back and looked at my face.
"Do you still have concerns?" He said with a smirk.

Steve's POV

I was packing my bags to leave the hospital. I have to use the crutches until the fracture in my ankle heals but crutches are hard when you also have a wrap on your shoulder. The doctors said I probably shouldn't use the crutches until I got the wrap off but I kind of ignored them. Bucky is still here and is helping me out in every way possible (which is kind of annoying).
"Ready to go?" my mom asked me.
"Alright, I'll take your bags and Buck would you mind pushing the wheelchair."
"I thought Steve wasn't using the wheelchair," Bucky said.
"He's not but someone's got to carry it to the car in case he does need it."
Walking to the car was probably the most painful experience ever. The crutches didn't want to work and the wrap on my shoulder kept getting in the way. Every time I would take a step on the crutches a shooting pain went through my shoulder to my fingers. Then whenever I took a step without the crutches a shooting pain went up my leg.
"Why don't you get in the wheelchair," Bucky said noticing my pain.
"I'm good," I said stubbornly.
"Steve don't push yourself just because you don't want people to see you as weak."
"I'm not pushing myself."
"Yes you are and the doctor said you weren't supposed to use the crutches anyway."
"Fine I'll get in the wheelchair but only to prove a point."
"And what point would that be."
"That I'm not afraid if people see me in a time a weakness."
I laid the crutches over my legs when I was in the wheelchair so no one would have to carry them. The transition from the wheelchair to the car was interesting. My shirt got stuck on the wheelchair and I almost fell on my face. Bucky sat in the back and it looked a little crowded back there with my wheelchair, crutches, bags, and Bucky. Bucky is going to spend the night with me for a while so he can help my mom and I out. The stairs were challenging. Bucky couldn't push me up in the wheelchair and I couldn't get my self up on the crutches.
"I'll just sleep on the couch," I said giving up.
"It's not like it will make a difference you always sleep on the couch," My mom said.
We didn't really do much the rest of the day, we just sat around and watched TV. Then the night came and I drifted into a deep sleep.

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