Challenges - Entry 3

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"Jasmine!!" My mom called me from down the stairs. I paused the movie I was watching and jogged downstairs.

"Yes?" I answered. She gasped.

"Why aren't you ready yet?" She semi yelled at me. What the hell?

"Ready for what? You didn't tell me we were going anywhere!" I said.

"I know." She giggled, I playfully rolled my eyes.

My mother is childish.

"But I do need you to get ready, we are going over to Elena's for dinner." she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, I remembered you saying that you wanted to see her daughter, so I talked to Elena and talked her into inviting us to dinner." My mom smirked. After the incident that happened between me and Loren earlier I really needed to redeem myself.

I smiled.

"What would I do without you?" I said.

"You would starve to death." She joked.

"Ah... what eva!"

"We leave in an hour and a half, be ready." she said then walked away. I jogged back upstairs and walked into my closet to look for something to wear. I finally picked out, a light blue polo dress shirt, khaki pants and my polo boots. I took a shower and washed my hair, once I came out I throw on some boxers and a sports bra before I got dressed. I dried my hair and brushed it down. It was puffy and out. I rolled my eyes I never know what the hell to do with this shit. I just left it and sprayed on some Axe. I felt a little over dressed. It's just dinner. But I have to look my best, always. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture, and then posted it on Instagram. I jogged down stairs where my mom was ready. But putting on lip gloss.

"Can you feed Oreo before we leave" she asked. I didn't bother to reply, I just walked into the kitchen getting Oreos dog food and pouring some into her bowl, I poured a bottle of water into her water bowl and then I called her. She came running into the kitchen and began eating. I walked out into the living room.

"She's eating." I told my mom she nodded. She looked nice, in her pink floral blouse, black high wasted dress pants, and pink heels. Suddenly I didn't feel so overdressed.

"A little too much ma or nah?" I asked.

"Really?" She gasped looking down at what she was wearing, I chuckled


"Oh well I didn't care either way, I have to always look good" she said sounding like me.

"You ready?" She asked. I nodded and grabbed her keys.

"I'm driving" I said. She shrugged and grabbed her hand bag. We walked out the house locking the door behind us and got in the car. I drove 30 seconds down the street.

"We really could have walked" I said.

"Not in these heels I was not finna walk" my mom complained I chuckled and we got out the car, my mom knocked on the door and we waited for an answer. Moments later Elena came to the door.

"We are here" my mom said obviously.

"So I see" elana giggled.

"This is my daughter, Jasmine" my mom introduced me. She smiled.

"Well hello Jasmine, I'm Elena" she said. I smiled.

"Nice meeting you" I said. She let us into the house. My eyes roamed around the area. Everything was laid out well, it looked almost professionally decorated.

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