Dog Days Pt. 2 - Blow for Blow

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(A/N : Deja In the Media~ I'm kinda in my feelings y'all so it might reflect)



"Well hello! Nice to see y'all laughing and joyful this early. I'm Mr. len. Your art teacher. You can call me Mr. L , Mr.Lenny or just Mr.Len" our original teacher walked into the class room while Dee was helping get shavings off of me. Mr Len wasn't here on the first week of school, we have had sub's for his class.

"Okay well I will tell you all a little about myself, right after you all tell me about your selves. Is that okay?" He added. A couple sighs and nodds went around.

"Ughh. Is it all gone?" I asked Dee. She shock her head.

"Turn around ma" I did as I was told and she started brushing off my back.

"How about we start with you 2 in the back..... Well once you get all that dust off you" i heard Mr. Len say. Everyone started laughing. I was so embarrassed. I could feel myself turning red.

"Um.." I said

"Tell me about your self." He repeated. I looked at Deja who finally got all the dust off me. She shrugged and sat down.

"I am Mysterious ,Misguided, and Incomplete" I said plainly. Mr. Len smiled at me.

"What's your name?" He asked.


"I can't wait to see some of your art. They will be very meaningful" he said. I smiled and sat down. I felt Deja rubbed my shoulder, her seat was right next to mines.

"You next" he said to Dee. She sighed.

"Do I have to stand, I already got everybody's attention" she said. She was right. All eyes were on her.

"No, you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable" he said.

"Coo... Well I'm Deja, I liked to be called Dee. And I'm Different and I'm proud of being Different. I like music, I like the way lyrics mean something and how one tap can change a whole beat" she said smoothly. I smiled.

"Care to demonstrate?" Mr. Len asked.

"Shoot yeen gotta ask me twice Lenny." Deja said with a kool-aid smile.

"Ayee" Tay said behind me. He tossed Deja his pen and a pencils.

"When I say go, I want you to tap on your desk. Steady okay?" Dee said to me. I nodded. And she started hitting the pencils and pen against her desk along with her palm, it sounded like something the college bands play at a football game.

"Go" she said and I tapped my hand on my desk, her beat was the same, but my tapping added to it.

"See its like a whole new sound" she said before stopping.

"Your right, and that's amazing, you ever thought of joining band?" Mr. Len asked.

"Band?! Oh hell nawl" she said getting some snickers out of students. "Maybe you should check it out, they can always use drummers like you. " mr.len smiled

"As for your art, it will flow like a Melody" he added.

"Sounds Flii" Dee said. She looked at me.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" I asked.

"Damn ma. I can't look?" She asked. I smiled

"Its your eyes"

"And they like the sight of you" she said. I blushed hard.

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