Begged For - Daddy's Home!

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"That shit wasn't Cool , Loren damn" I said as I shut my locker.

"Okay, I'm sorry . I should a told you I was putting her on the phone. But I knew you wouldn't have stayed on if i did"

"Don't you think there was a reason why I didn't want to talk to her"

Loren sighed. "I know you probably think she is a backstabbing whore. But just give her a chance to tell you the truth, didn't you want Mike to give you a chance?"

"Listen mike is a Hardheaded ass, and I don't understand why your picking up for Asia, after all she has done to you. I'm your friend you should be on my side." I said as I started to walk away.

"Okay you have a point. But I'm only sticking up for her BECAUSE you are my friend. I know how much you like that girl and for how long you have liked her. I don't want you to just give up on something your so close to getting because of your assumptions" loren said.

I looked at her but continued walking.

"Come on brielle, I have seen her cry her eyyyes out over you."

I looked at loren. Does she really think what she is saying will change my mind right now. I want Asia to beg for me. I want to be wanted. I don't want to end up like Tkay in the end ,getting cheated on. Hell no, when I do talk to asia, I want to be sure that she is only for me and nobody else.

"And how many times do you think I cryed my eyes out over her?!"

"Why are you even mad at her Bri. Have you ever thought about the possibilities. Do you even know the real reason why Takia was at Asia's house?" She asked.

"Look I read all the text messages, of her trying to explain her self. But that's not what I care about Loren. Why should I just jump back into her arms, I should just let her get a way home free. No. I want her to know I'm not just some Lil puppy. And my head isn't stuck up her ass."

"She doesn't think that! Brielle " loren raised her voice

"You don't know what the fuck she thinks!" I semi yelled.

"I'm not trying to arg-"

"Brielle?" Someone called my name, from behind us. Me and loren both turned around to see Takia.

"Yeah?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Look about Friday night, I'm sorry, I didn't know Asia was your girl. She was trying to explain that to me that night but i wasn't listening. She kept talking bout not wanting to mess around anymore and I took it as her wanting to get back together, that's why I was pulling her close to me." Tkay started.

"Then today she explained that you and her had something serious going on and she didn't want me getting in the way of y'all furthering yalls relationship" she finished

"Something serious?" I frowned my eyebrows.

"Yeah. She sounded pretty serious herself. She wasn't so into me when we was talking. There must be something about you that she really like"

When Takia said that I couldn't help but smile. But it quickly faded , because I still wasn't pleased.

"All I'm saying is, I'm sorry. I'm not the one to stand in the way of anyones relationship, and I'll leave her alone, as long as y'all is together"

"Yeah. Thanks" I said.

"So we cool or..." Takia dragged.

"Yeah, we cool"

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