Unwanted Apologies

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I sat around the table as I nervously watched my mom pull out 2 cups and spoons. She went into the refrigerator and took out a tub of Mouse Track ice cream. I started smiling to my self. I love ice cream. But the only time my mother ever sat with me and ate ice cream is when she has something serious she wanted to talk about, or when we watched sad romantic chick flicks. Yes I do watch chick flicks with my mom only to make her happy, but we weren't watching a chick flick right now, its 2 a clock in the morning, and my mom just caught me coming out of Lorens room and I stink of weed and alcohol. My nervousness crept to the pit of my stomach.

"So where you coming from?" She asked as she dug the spoon into the ice cream tub, taking out big scoops.

I started at her movement and didn't dear look her in the eye. "Loren's room"

"Jasmine don't play with me"

"I'm not , I know you saw me walk out of Lorens room"

"Why are you all dressed up, and stink?" She asked

"Stink like what?" My mom stopped fixing the ice cream and looked at me. That look that makes you wanna piss your pants when you know your about to get caught for doing something dumb.

I sighed "we were at a beach party with Vita, rico, Jessy and Celita, Loren got drunk and I took her home before she got herself into any trouble" I shrugged and waited for my moms words of wisdom . normally my mom didn't care if I went to party's , she didn't care about anything I did matter a fact, but ever since Elana came around and started giving her these parental tips, she has been tripping about everything.

But to my surprise, all she said was "oh, sounds like fun"

I frowned my eyebrows, "yeah, it was I guess".

She rested my glass of ice cream in front of me, and then she put the ice cream back into the fridge after dishing her. Teri sat across from me, and ate a spoon of her ice cream and I mimiced her actions.

"So we haven't really talked in a while" she said.

"You have been busy" my mom looked at me, as if I said something wrong.

"You have been down alot lately jasmine" she said. I shrugged.

"What's going on withyou?"


"Don't lie to me, I am your mother Jas, I have always been here since day one" she reassured.

"Yeah, and I'm great full that you didn't leave 2 months after my birth" my attitude was kicking in.

"Is that what's been bothering you? Your father not being here?" My moms eyes filled with concern. Not having a father is the Least of my problems, sure I would love to have someone to play catch with when I was younger, or someone to challenge In ball when I was bored,but I lived 17 years without a father and I have grown to accept it.

"No ma.." I sighed.
"I don't care about my father he didn't give two shits about me" I added .

"Then what's been bothering you baby girl?" She asked.

I looked at her for a few seconds, then I filled my spoon with ice cream and stuck it in my mouth.

"Is it school?"




"Is it a girl?"

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