Witcho Mad Ass

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"Jasmine! Get your ass up! Your going back to school today!" My moms loud ass shouted at me. I groaned and pulled the sheets over my head.
"Let me come back up here and see if I don't murder yo ass" she threatened. I kissed my teeth and threw the covers off of me.
"I'm up!" I hissed at her. She rolled her eyes.
"Breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes" she said.
"I'm not hungry" I lied. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.
"Okay! I'll be down in an hour" I said. She sized me up then walked out. She has been spending to much time with Lorens mom. This strict shit is pissing me off.

I reached for my phone on my night stand and checked the time. 5:20 . its Monday. I haven't been to school since Tuesday. I sighed and got up out of bed and grabbed my stuff to shower. And got ready for school.

(She is wearing what she has on in the picture that's in the midea)

I grabbed my keys off the dresser and grabbed my phone , pushing it in my pocket. I jogged downstairs. I tried to be quiet and slip out the front door. But my mother stopped me.
"Come'ere" she ordered. I sighed and walked over to the kitchen island. I sat .
"You going to apologize?" She asked. I frowned my eyebrows .
"For what?" I asked.
"You know what you did" she said.
"What did I do Ma. Im sorry I got suspended it won't happen again"I said.
"I'm not the one you need to apologize to. Jasmine. You need to Apologize to loren. I don't like the fact that she doesn't come around anymore. Her mother and sister are here everyday and she always finds an excuse not to come over. You mind telling me why?" She stared me down. I felt my chest burn. I simply stayed quiet though. She sighed.
"I don't care what you did actually. Just make shit right Jasmine! Or I'm gonna have to take things into my own hands. You hear me" she said through her teeth. I nodded.
"Good. Have fun at school" she smiled.
"Love you ma" I said not wanting to show any attitude.
"Love you more baby" she said. I smiled and got up and left out the house. I got into my newly painted car. Fresh bright red. Thanks to the bitch who fucked with my shit



"Ion know!" I laughed at GI as we walked down the hallways to my locker .
"I mean Damn Loren you can't be that innocent " she laughed. I rolled my eye. GI is picking on me because I have never been in a club or anything of that sort.
"I'm a good girl Gi" i said once we got to my locker.
"Who does nasty tricks" she whispered to me followed with a wink.
"Stop it Gianna" I said sternly.
"Don't act like it never happened loren" she licked her lips. I sighed.
"We were high"
"So you regret it?" She asked. I looked at her blankly.
"Do you?" She asked again. I still said nothing. She then smirked and looked ahead.
"That's what I thought." She bit her bottom lip. I looked down.
"Let me know if Deja doesn't hit it right. I'm always available"
"Stop it Gianna. She is my girlfriend!" I said getting defensive. Gianna laughed.
"I'm just playing Loren. Losen up. You know I'm just joking right" she said. I looked at her.
"You have been acting crazy lately. I just don't know anymore" I said.
"No harm no foul. Im just teasing" she smiled.
"Well can you stop." I said sternly. Gianna rolled her eyes.
"I'll see yah later" she said before she walked away quickly. I sighed and turned to open my locker.
"Beaaaautiful girl" some on sang. I smiled and turned around and saw her sexy self. In a green and black truck-fit sweatshirt , khaki cargos and green lebrons and her hair wild and down.
"Hey babe" I smiled widely as I wrapped my arms around her neck, she placed her hands on my waists. I pecked her lips.
"That's all I get?" She asked smirking. "For now" I smirked. She licked her lips and sighed
"Alright babe. I'll see you at lunch" she said.  I nodded. I leaned in to give her a peck but she turned it into something more than just that. After a few seconds I pulled away.
"Baby stop" I giggled.
"Your adorable" she said softly in my ear. She kissed my cheek and they instantly began to burn. She smiled and let me go. Then began walking down the hallway. I bit my lip and turned back to my locker grabbing my books. I closes my locker and then nearly died.
"What the fuck!" I yelled at jasmine.
"Did I scare you " she smirked. I rolled my eyes.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"You and her a thing now huh?" She asked. I looked at her and then smiled.
"What's it to you?"
Jasmine sized me up then folded her arms.
"Nothing. Its just a question." She said.
"No we arent a thing"
"Oh I was finna sa-"
"I'm her girlfriend" I said. Jasmine stared at me. She ran her tongue over her teeth.
" happy for you" she forced a smiled.
"Thanks" she scuffed and then walked away.
"With yo mad ass" I giggled to my self.



"Mane the wedding is in a week. And I'm nervous asf!" Mike vented to me as we walked to class.
"You'll be fine. I worked my magic on you" I laughed.
"You did. I have been practicing. So I wouldn't forget the moves. You know" he said. I nodded.
"Good. Remember we gotta look for something to wear. I was thinking about matching suits" I said. He smile.
"You trying to go stud on me?" He asked. I hit his shoulder.
"It was an idea. " I laughed.

"She would be a very sexy stud" someone interrupted our conversation. It was Asia.
"I would?" I raised an eyebrow. She smirked and then looked at mike.
"I'll see you in class" he said to me. I nodded. He walked away.
"There you go calling me sexy again" I smirked. She playfully rolled her eyes.
"Look I just wanna apologize. In person. You really don't know how to pick up a phone. Or return texts" she said. I folded my arms.
"Look that's all you. What you do with your time is not my business. Like you said. Just don't waist my time okay" I said plainly.
"Bri. Honestly. I'm sorry."
"What does your apology fix?" I asked.
"My wounded conchence(sp)" she pounted. Her sad look made my heart burn.
"Okay . I forgive yu" I giggled. She smiled
"Yaaay!" She scretched. I laughed.
"So how about you come over today. It will be just me and you. I promise" she smiled. I licked my lips. Alone with Asia. Sounds like heaven.
"Alright" I agreed.
"Good. See you then" she bit her lip and then walked away. Damn.



" I just can't believe she really is going out with her" I complained to Asia.
"You can't be that blind. I seen it comming" she said. I rolled my eyes.
"She should be mines. I'm the one who turned her ass out anyways" I hissed.
"Maybe she would be yours if you didn't fuck up and leave her after fucking her" Asia said. I looked at her.
"Who's side are you on?" I asked. She sighed.
"I don't know why your so hung up on the girl mane. She seems fine with out you. Why stress over her. She ain't all that anyway"
"She is more than all that. She is different"
"Dont seem too different from the other girls you fucked and ducked" she said. I looked at her but didn't say anything.
"What you need is to get laid. Big boii when last you got some?" She asked.
"I don't know" I said truthfully.
"I'll get you a study session" Asia winked. I rolled my eyes and smirked.
"What am I gonna do about my car?" I asked.
"Found out who did It" she asked.
"Yeah" I lied. I just have a feeling that Dee did it. And even if she didn't do it, I don't mind fucking with her. She choose the wrong girl to like.
"We will think of something" Asia said. I nodded.

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